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I'm trying to use visual studio performance profiler for the first time and I'm interested in a specific function of mine which is successfully detected by the profiler. However, when I click on it I get "Source information is not available" .

How do I fix this?

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All external functions from libraries are visible. Any function that is in "lab.cpp" won't show. I mean, not even "main" is available. This is the only file I edit, I write all my code in there:

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Solution 1:[1]

In case someone else has the same problem, I solved it by setting the "Debug Information Format" which was previously empty in my cpp file's(the file containing the functions) General Properties:

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Solution 2:[2]

The accepted answer for this question says that you just need to add a Debug Information Format in Release, for me doing this was not enough. I needed to add a Debug Information Format and turn on "Generate Debug Info" in Release.

I recommend creating a new configuration called "Release with Debug Info" using the Configuration Manager (which you can get to from the Configuration combobox/dropdown), copying the settings from "Release" into "Release with Debug Info" and then making the two changes documented in this answer in the new configuration.


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