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Getting a value Error : how to use string data type in for jupyter using DecisionTreeClassifier?

this is the code import pandas as pd from sklearn.tree import DecisionTreeClassifier dataset = pd.read_csv("emotion.csv") X = dataset.drop(columns = ["mood"]) y

Find the min max coordinates using bruteforce matcher

Using the famous brute force cv2 code I'm tring to get all the good points coordinate to get the are

How to Authenticate with LDAP in R Shiny App

My company uses an LDAP server for authentication against an Active Directory. I need to authenticate users of a remotely hosted Shiny app using this. I managed

Automation Google login with python and selenium shows ""This browser or app may be not secure""

I've tried login with Gmail or any Google services but it shows the following "This browser or app may not be secure" message: I also tried to do options like

How to tell a user is verified using Tweepy, Python

Given a user ID, I'd like to know whether they're a verified (blue check) Twitter user. I don't see anything in the documentation.. Is there any strategy I can

Simulate Time Series Events with Accurate Scheduler

I have an API which I will need to run some tests. We have already done the stress and load testing but the best way to test is to run some real life data. I ha

How to convert list of Hex values into Ascii string in python?

I have a list of Hex value variables in my python code. I need to convert into ASCII string. Can someone please suggest to me, how to convert it? HexList = [

Exporting Jupyter notebook with plotly to html not displaying correctly when offline

I am using Jupyter lab, everything works fine within jupyter lab even when I am offline. However whenever I try to export the report to HTML. the plotly plots a

What is the meaning of "trainable_weights" in Keras?

If I freeze my base_model with trainable=false, I get strange numbers with trainable_weights. Before freezing my model has 162 trainable_weights. After freezin

Calculate centroid of entire GeoDataFrame of points

I would like to import some waypoints/markers from a geojson file. Then determine the centroid of all of the points. My code calculates the centroid of each poi

What is the meaning of "trainable_weights" in Keras?

If I freeze my base_model with trainable=false, I get strange numbers with trainable_weights. Before freezing my model has 162 trainable_weights. After freezin

How to post an image file with a list of strings using FastAPI?

I have tried a lot of things, but it doesn't seem to work. Here is my code:"/my-endpoint") async def my_func( languages: List[str] = ["en", "hi"]

upgrade from pandas 1.1.5 to latest version

simply not able to upgrade Pandas, tried below python --version Python 3.6.8 pip3 install --upgrade pandas Defaulting to user installation because normal site-p

Python blackjack: How do I structure an if statement to determine whether an Ace should be turned into 1?

I'm trying to solve a simple coding exercise: Given three integers between 1 and 11, if their sum is less than or equal to 21, return their sum. If their sum ex

How to fix this code to calculate correct costs in Python?

Driving is expensive. Write a program with a car's miles/gallon and gas dollars/gallon (both floats) as input, and output the gas cost for 10 miles, 50 miles, a

Javascript grammar in antlr4 and python

I have used the following link for JavaScript grammar . i have used antlr4.8 and

Python selenium stopped after download file

import warnings warnings.filterwarnings('ignore') from selenium import webdriver from selenium.webdriver.common.keys import Keys from selenium.webdriver.suppor

How to add a local image (svg / png) to plotly layout?

I know this question has a few answers, but none satisfy me, because they all include Dash, and I want to use only basic plotly. I have a local image file: /tmp

Reading image dataset into data frame and feature extraction [spark with python]

In my project , i need to read image dataset[each folder having different object and I want to read these folder in stream one by one ], and then need to extrac

Allow empty foreign key selection in admin forms

I created a model(AnalysisFieldTemplate) with a foreign key to AnalysisFieldRule. What i want is to have the possibility to leave the field display_analysis_fie