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Django automatic file-upload: [WinError 123] The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect C:\\path\to\folder\C:

I'm pretty new to Django and I'm working on a project in which I have to automate PDF file uploads from a given folder to a model in Django and these files will

Syntax Error when deploying django on apache2

I am trying to host a django application on a server using apache2 and mod_wsgi. The project itself is located at the path /usr/share/django-projects/mysite The

Avoid dyanmic content's translation in msgstr

I am using Django translations for ja and de using makemessage. There is a translation in that I don't want to translate dynamic content in de. I am using the

Python Django Operational error, no such table

I'm trying to use a sqlite database from a different project in my django project. I've added the .db file to my project structure and added the following code

Django Lightsail - attempt to write a readonly database

I am trying to deploy my Djago app on AWS Lightsail. When I try to login/register, I am getting this error: Attempt to write a readonly database I have been g

django filter for NOT IN as lookup_expr

We can make the django filter with "in" expression sending comma separated string. Such as import django_filters class NumberInFilter(django_filters.BaseInFilt

Sendgrid API - Creating HTML Email Template via API

I am not able to figure out how I can create an HTML email template in Sendgrid using the v3 API. I need to add HTML templates on Sendgrid on the fly on the bas

ERROR:: --system is intended to be used for pre-existing Pipfile installation, not installation of specific packages. Aborting

I finished my django project.And ı want to deploy my project on aws.I pulled from github my project and then on virtual computer on aws(ubuntu) run pipenv

How to bind a function to an html button without a form in Django

I'm new to Django and I need to bind a function from python to a button using onclick from a file I saw a lot of discussions where they do this with f

using Django "include" template tag as nested - side effects?

Does anyone know or have any experience about bad side effects of using "nested include tags"? (I mean including a template file which itself includes another t

Simple internal server error because running uwsgi keeps on deleting the .sock file

I'm trying to deploy my first Django application by following these steps. The problem I have is that, for some reason, running uwsgi --emperor venv/vassals/ --

unique=True gives already exist! Even if interchanging the values of two objects

To display objects (members) in particular order, I have made a field, order: order = models.IntegerField(unique=True,null=True,blank=True) so that I can do an

How do you create a gitignore file in pycharm? (windows)

What i could find relating to git settings on pycharm

Invalid literal int() with base 10: '[' when doing a filter with request.body

def patch(self, request): Claim.objects.filter(id__in=request.body).update(....) return HttpResponse(status=200) I'm trying to update some of m

django.core.exceptions.ImproperlyConfigured: Cannot import ASGI_APPLICATION module 'project.routing'

I have installed django channels and I have added in project root folder and added the line ASGI_APPLICATION = 'project.routing.application' but whe

Why console is showing templates not defined error in django

I am new to django , I am facing one while django running server , I have copy and paste my code please tell me what is wrong with my code 'DIRS': [templates],

CSRF verification failed with 403 error when deployed to AWS elastic beanstalk

After creating a Django project in local, where we tested that all the functionality was working as expected, we finally deployed it in Amazon Web Services Bean

Is it able to resume downloading when the connection is lost in Django?

from django.http import FileResponse def send_file(): #some processes response = FileResponse(open(file_name, 'rb'),as_attachment=True) return respo

how do I make a page only to be accessed through redirection from a stripe checkout session page, in django?

I want a page (view) to be only accessed through redirection from stripe checkout session page, and not accessible in any other way. Here is the page that I wan

Bootstrap-ui Modal is coming up blank when set inside angular-gantt

I am having difficulties trying to get my modal to come up. I am not sure if it is because modal is not compatible with angular-gantt or if I have the code wron