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Angular 13 and Karma: ReferenceError: global is not defined

i know there are many posts on this subject but nothing has helped so far. Such things like (window as any).global = window in polyfills.ts didn't work Angular:

how to know the markers information that are clustered on marker clustering in agm

I want to know about the marker information that are grouped under marker clustering in AGM google Maps. <agm-map #agmMap [latitude]="latitude" [longitude]="

After refresh, firebase Auth current user returns null

Here is my code on profile page, this works fine first time when i redirect from login method of AuthService const user = firebase.auth().currentUser; if (us

Angular 10.2 build: Localized bundle generation failed: Cannot read property 'value' of undefined

I have a project build on Angular 10.0.11. I updated the project to 10.2 with npm update, but this resulted in multiple Unable to fully load [...] for source-ma

Worker terminated due to reaching memory limit: JS heap out of memory

After upgrading my angular 10 to angular 13, I got this error after using the command ng serve. ⠧ Generating browser application bundles (phase: building

Angular mat-autocomplete: Setting active item programmatically

What are you trying to do? Setting an item in my panel active programmatically. What are you seeing that does not match your expectations? Using autocomplet

Using ‎Mermaid in angular project

I'm beginner at ‎Mermaid and I'm trying to use ‎Mermaid in my angular project. I add it in my html and it works. <script src="

How to redirect to current page after clicking alert button

Is there any way where one can redirect to or refresh current page after clicking alert button? I want my current page reloaded after clicking on alert button,

Built Angular Application only works on First Load

Introduction I have create an Angular Application and now I want to deploy it using ng build. Afterwards I changed into dist-directory and executed live-server

Microsoft Authentication Client credentials flow using client secret MSAL

I have the following scenario, I have a backend developed in node with express and protected with passaport-azure ad, and I have an application that must consum

Pass CSS value with ngStyle

I've got a service sending a value, which I need it to be passed to the CSS file so I can control how much a meter gauge moves. The value is between 0 and 0.5,

DevExtreme components dxo-popup

Im using DevExtreme DXO-editing with the mode = popup, and popup dxo-popup, the popup is loading, data is getting binded, i have some custom dropdowns so had to

How do I make sure one Subcription finishes before another?

globleVariable: any; ngOnInit() { // This doesn't work. methodTwo throws error saying "cannot read someField from null. " this.methodOne();

How do I sort a material table with favorites on top?

I wanted to sort a mat-table (or MatTable for the search engine) in Angular with the "favorite" items on top. I want the favorite items to always be the first i

Need help calling a function from parent component in angular

Need to call function from app component to ALL child components, I cannot make it work with output, nor emitter, nor viewchild. Parent component import { Compo

infinite loop on loading workDays ejs-schedule

I am trying to load working days through a function, I need to load days by calling a function so that I can validate which days it works. For all other parame

Angular:.Invalid configuration object. Webpack has been initialized using a configuration object that does not match the API schema

I just startred programing and in my first project on Angular i tried to use ng serve an then this error come out: initialized using a configuration object that

Translate mat-tab with i18n

I am using angular material tabs and I would like to know how could I translate the text of the tag using i18n. The structure of the tab is as follows: <mat-

Error: Export of name 'ngModel' not found

After building my angular project i get the error: Error: Export of name 'ngModel' not found! I have my UI running in a docker container not even sure where

Angular Material custom form field doesn't show mat-error

I thought I have almost the same example but somehow the control tricks me :-/ <form [formGroup]="form"> <app-ref-urlcheck [maxLen]="20" formContro