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How to update order of entities in NGRX? angular 9

I am building an application, where I have N columns (N lists of items) and by using a drag & drop from angular material I am able to move items between the

how to and array of objects from a subscribe method and store it in another array for use in functions?

I have a service to get data from the backend database and display the array of objects that works fine, the only problem is I can not use it outside of the sub

In angular material table , on a button click it should filter data which are older than 3 months

I had angular material table which contain a column that shows data using this I need to filter data which are older than 3 months

Error: Package "@ionic/angular-toolkit" has no builders defined

[error] Error: Package "@ionic/angular-toolkit" has no builders defined.} at WorkspaceNodeModulesArchitectHost.resolveBuilder (C:\Users\Lenovo\Documents\kr

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'runtime')

I just upgraded to Google Chrome 100.0.4896.127 and I'm seeing the following error in my Angular 13 application in the console: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read

Why FormData object is empty even after I use append?

I tried the following code: (This is my service file in angular posts.service.ts) updatePost(id: string, title: string, content: string, image: File | string)

How to apply mask behavior in primeng calendar (p-calendar)?

I am new to angular, in p-calendar I'm not able to apply masking behaviour. Example: If user enters 01012012, I want to change it to 01-01-2012. Thanks in advan

ion-select is not showing selected value with reactive forms

When i use formcontrolname on an ion-select element, the selected value is not shown from the beginning. It only appears when i click the select element, or if

NgRx Angular App not working with Redux DevTools

So I'm following this tutorial to get familiar with ngRx Entity, and for some reason my redux dev tools isn't 'lighting up' to indicate that it's in an app that

DynamoDB Datamapper error throws item did not adhere to the DynamoDBTable protocol

Not really sure where my error is here, Im using the AWS DynamoDb mapper function in node.js but I get this error: The provided item did not adhere to the Dyn

Conditionally make input field readonly in Angular 2 or 4: Advice + Best/which way to do it

I was attempting to answer someone elses question. And in doing so realised there was quite a bit of uncertainty in my mind about a few things. I'm hoping someo

Http post .csv file Angular 2 and then reading it on the server .NET

I'm trying to send .csv file from my client app (angular 2) to my web api (ASP.NET), and I have done the following: Tried to make FormData from my .csv file t

Angular 4.3 - HttpClient set params

let httpParams = new HttpParams().set('aaa', '111'); httpParams.set('bbb', '222'); Why this doesn't work? It only set the 'aaa' and NOT the 'bbb' Also, I hav

get multiple checkbox value as an array in angular

i'm trying to get values from multiple checkbox here i try this approach but didn't with for me https://stackblit

Set and update validation on form array in reactive forms

In angular 4 i am creating a form that has a form array like so{ name: ['', [Validators.required, Validators.minLength(3)]], requir

Angular 4 date pipe displays wrong date because of time zones - how to fix this?

I have a date value in each of my objects that I can Print like this: <td> {{competition.compStart }}</td> And here is how it looks: 1931-05-31

nativescript-websocket how to create "Advanced Interface" in Angular Nativescript

I'm not able to create the "Advanced Interface" of nativescript-websocket in Angular/Typescript, I need it to use a custom sslFactory to trust all certs. The p

DigitalOcean Apps Angular static site returns 404

I'm trying to deploy an Angular app on DigitalOcean's Apps as a static site. I don't use the Dockerfile. As an Apps plan, I choose basic. For my backend nestjs

How to convert Observable<any> to array[]

I have following method in typescript, I need to bind to angular grid CountryService GetCountries() { return this.http.get(`

firebase.auth().currentUser is null

I'm trying to retrieve the UID of the current logged-in firebase user in my Angular 4 app. Though, if I'm logging 'firebase.auth().currentUser' to the console I