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Android compose need to place a constraintlayout on top of the UI

I am taking my first steps at jetpack Compose and currently i am developing a recyclerview-like list by using Card (and other compoenent layouts). For my applic

Error inflating class

What i'm trying to achieve is having a gridview with some materialButton inside. I tried to create the gridview like : <GridView android:id="@+id

Unresolved reference with Modifier methods in Jetpack compose

I'm learning Jetpack Compose and I was trying to customize a display of an image with Modifier methods height and padding. But I got the Problem messages "Unres

Flutter Local Notification only showing dot on Android

I am using Local Notifications for my app and it is working fine on my iPhone but when firing a Notification on my Android Simulator it is not showing the Notif

Android Studio media player doesnt play when the app is closed

I made an Android app that should play a sound when event is received, it works when app is in focus, but when the app is closed/collapsed sound doesnt play, on

Emulator appearing offline on M1 Mac after the last update of arm64-v8a

Yesterday the emulator was working perfectly. The system image was arm64-v8a. I don't exactly remember the Release name of the working system image but, yesterd

In flutter, which is more secure using platform functions/ dependency or dart dependency?

Im building a mobile application with flutter which the security is the highest priority so what is more secure to use native code (functions/ dependency ) or u

How to save fragment state while navigating with navigation component

I'm trying to create a single activity app using android architecture components. I have a fragment A which has some textfields, when user pushes a button I nav

React Native gradle executionHistory.bin too big

I've recently upgraded my react-native app to version 0.60.5, as to fulfil App Store requirement of 64-bit app, but I've noticed that the executionHistory.bin f

Android 12 is blocking the touches when using the <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW" />

I am using <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW" /> to show a pop up which overlay over other apps but android 12 is bloc

I am using a scroll view that hides my toolbar while scrolling, I don't want my toolbar to hide while scrolling

I am making a register screen, that has a toolbar on top of it. When I scroll down the toolbar hides(goes up). I don't want my toolbar to scroll when I am scrol

Read and write text to NFC Card from android

I currently trying to make Login System using NFC Card. The idea is, Android will write username to the NFC Card, then when the card is scanned on Android, the

processDebugMainManifest FAILED, I am facing this error while using targetSdkVersion as 31

/Users/paradox/Developer/nturing/services/otus/scanner-android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml Error: android:exported needs to be explicitly specified for

Event synchronization issue in an Android app

Here is an issue I am facing in an Android app. Please let me know if I need to give more information. There is an animation running inside the app. And while i

Android javax.crypto.IllegalBlockSizeException

I have an issue with this helper class where I get an exception while I tried to decrypt. I tried a few solutions on the internet and they seem not working. Thi

Android Navigation Component : Pass value (arguments) in fragments

What I have done: I have created Navigation Drawer Activity, As updated new format of Navigation Drawer Activity, As per new Android architecture, I got it with

"Task: react-native-admob: compileDebugJavaWithJavac FAILED" is displayed by react-native-admob

I implemented a video ad using react-native-admob. When I built it this morning, the app that should have worked properly suddenly failed to build. > Task :r

Android Studio SDKmanager Error: Could not find or load main class

Currently I am trying to set up my Android Studio environment for Flutter and I am unable to update sdkmanager or else I would obtain the following errors : Th

Flutter Alarm Manager Missing Plugin Exception

I'm having trouble setting up a daily task to complete certain functions. I've managed to get android_alarm_manager to work, I currently, have it set to print a

How to disable copy/paste/cut in a TextField Jetpack Compose?

I'm trying to find a simple solution on how to disable copy/paste/cut in a TextField. I did come across a couple of question but no answer.