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Xamarin.Forms MSAL authentication java.exe exited with code 1

<activity android:name="microsoft.identity.client.BrowserTabActivity"> <intent-filter> <action android:name="android.

Global variable in Kotlin (android studio) initialized in one activity remains at initialized value in other activities

I would like to implement a global variable that updates its value when going from one activity to another (and back). To explain in better detail, let's say my

How to add smooth movement, relative positioning and animations to chat heads like views

I am using "Draw over other aps" to show a chat head like view. I need to position it relatively and show animation while dismissing it. Please see first video/

how to get viewModel by viewModels? (fragment-ktx)

I am working with Single viewModel for the Activity and all of it's fragment. So to initialise viewmodel if have to write this setup code in onActivityCreated

swift "completion: @escaping" in kotlin language. How to use callback in kotlin?

I am looking for a way of completion block for my kotlin code. In Swift i have my function: func fetchRegister(with request: RegisterRequest, completion: @es

React native webview copy and download not working

I have built an android app using react native. Inside the app I am using the react-native-webview package to show a React app. import {WebView} from 'react-nat

How to fix incorrect position I get when dispatching an update to ListUpdateCallback using DiffUtil

I have an Android application where the user can modify multiple String items using EditText at the same time, so I need to figure out what have changed in orde

Converting RecyclerView to ViewPager / PagerAdapter

Background - New to Android, but pretty nifty with moving layouts around, understanding Java, Kotlin and XML. However this task seems to be way above my head.

Calabash-android resign with signature scheme v2

I'm trying to install and run a debug APK with Calabash-android, but it is failing because the scheme of the signature. My original APK is signed with the debug

Android Printing, why do I get warning when i try to print from my mobile

When i try to print from my Android device I see a dialog prompt with a message Your document may pass through one or more servers on its way to the printer. T

How to get/generate pin sha256 from certificate

Simple question I am trying to do certificate pinning in android using the network-security-config but I am not sure how to get the the SHA-256 to put in the pi

Why READ_PHONE_STATE permission asked "make and manage phone call"?

For getting the IMEI i using from this code: TelephonyManager tm = (TelephonyManager) context.getSystemService(Context.TELEPHONY_SERVICE); if (ActivityCo

Error: Package "@ionic/angular-toolkit" has no builders defined

[error] Error: Package "@ionic/angular-toolkit" has no builders defined.} at WorkspaceNodeModulesArchitectHost.resolveBuilder (C:\Users\Lenovo\Documents\kr

How to check for android resources that are missing default values?

I am curious about how to find android resources that are missing default values. For example, it is possible to define corner_radius in dimens-sw600dp.xml, wi

How to add Repository maven in new Android Studio Project setup(2022)?

I want to use the maven library in the android studio project. in the library documentation, they mention adding like this, repositories { maven { url 'http

Gradle - Error Could not find method implementation() for arguments []

I am trying to open existing android project in android studio and it gradle cannot build the app without the error Error android studio keeps on throwing Err

ScrollView too long therefore produce white borders

I'm still working on my android application and I still struggle with XML ans scroll views. I want to display an AlertDialog which contains: A JPEG image a the

Software keyboard overlaps content of jetpack compose view

Suppose I have some activity with a jetpack-compose content class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity() { override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {

How do we emulate virtual CAN devices from host to Android emulator?

I have virtual CAN (vcan0, vcan1) in my host Linux. I want to make them available in an Android Virtual Device (AVD). I am creating the AVD using AVD manager in

How to configure gradle to use logback-classic ONLY for unit tests in Android?

I have an Android app thich uses slf4j + logback. Gradle file looks like this: ... compile('com.github.tony19:logback-android-core:1.1.1-6') { exclude grou