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Hadoop Streaming Job showing error /bin/java : No such file or directory

I have installed Hadoop in my Macbook M1 2020 with MacOS Monterey 12.3.1. I am able to successfully use hadoop and hdfs commands in my Laptop. I started using h

Logback-classic 1.2.8 DBAppender Missing

I'm trying to upgrade the logback-classic library from version 1.2.3 to 1.2.8. The patch notes say that all DB related code has been removed, so the main DBAppe

High CPU usage when shifting from Java 8 to Java 11 with G1GC

We are having following VM settings for our server. This configuration works perfectly when running Java 8. But when we switch JVM to Java 11 OpenJDK, the serve

Pass VM Argument in IntelliJ

My main() method that creates instances of my Game Class and GUI class (implementing a board game) and passes that to a new Thread: new Thread(new Game(gui, ar

Atom linter doesn't recognize classes in the same package

I currently have the linter package (here: apm install linter) and the linter-javac package (here: apm install linter-javac). It works great for the most part,

Error inflating class

What i'm trying to achieve is having a gridview with some materialButton inside. I tried to create the gridview like : <GridView android:id="@+id

NullPointerException when upgrading Spring Boot to version 2.6.2

I upgraded by Spring Boot version from 2.5.4 to 2.6.2. Now my app fails at startup because of this error - see below. Any ideas how to fix it? Error starting Ap

Android Studio media player doesnt play when the app is closed

I made an Android app that should play a sound when event is received, it works when app is in focus, but when the app is closed/collapsed sound doesnt play, on

How to sort array in constant time in java and python?

I was trying to learn algos and data structures, and i was wondering about best approach to sort arrays in constant time. I am newbie but my only intention is t

Excluding complete modules from jacoco coverage

I have a multi-module project like lets say below: Project |-- DataModule |-- LogicModule |-- ServiceClientModule In this project the service client will just

How can i remove a title screen element with fabric in Minecraft 1.18.1

I am currently able to add elements to the title screen: public abstract class MCEMixin extends Screen { protected MCEMixin(Text title) { super(tit

Spring Reactor onErrorContinue not working

As per documentation I am expecting onErrorContinue will ignore the error element and continue the sequence. Below test case is failing with exception java.lan

Exception java.lang.ClassNotFoundException when importing a class in my local dir [duplicate]

I created two files in the same directory. One is called package VMAPI; public class VMAPI { public VMAPI() { System.out

Or operator inside sub condition in java [duplicate]

Can we use logical or operator inside sub condition in Java if (b.equals("good" || "it was good")) System.out.println("Thank goodness");

Excluding complete modules from jacoco coverage

I have a multi-module project like lets say below: Project |-- DataModule |-- LogicModule |-- ServiceClientModule In this project the service client will just

Android Studio SDKmanager Error: Could not find or load main class

Currently I am trying to set up my Android Studio environment for Flutter and I am unable to update sdkmanager or else I would obtain the following errors : Th

How can I fix "unsupported class file major version 60" in IntelliJ IDEA?

I have a Gradle project in Ubuntu. It's written in Java 14. I have the Java 14 JDK installed. When I build it from the command line, everything works, but no

Cycle in Gradle task due to plugins

Environment: JDK 17 Gradle 7.4.2 org.moditect.gradleplugin 1.0.0-rc.3 com.github.gmazzo.buildconfig 3.0.3 I try to use jPackager for creating application images

Why does my th:each not work in my div? Thymleaf

I'm trying to th:text in my div but it doesnt seem to work I tried doing it with a table and i get the data i need but when i put it in a div it doesnt work

How to wait for xml response to load in rest assured

API responses currently we are working on are in xml format. We suspect our test cases in rest assured are failing because we are not really waiting for the res