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SDK Version Issue.This app was built with the iOS 14.5 SDK

ERROR ITMS-90725: "SDK Version Issue. This app was built with the iOS 14.5 SDK. All iOS apps submitted to the App Store must be built with the iOS 15 SDK or lat

Send data from another website to flutter

Is it possible send data from a website to flutter website and take data with GET or POST like PHP? In PHP we can take data with GET or POST. Let's say we are s

Flutter AMSupportURLConnectionDelegate is implemented in both ?? Error

I am facing many issues since I migrated my project to an Apple Silicon mac. I finally managed to reduce the problems but not sure the answer to this. Running "

successfully display json in flutter, but not showing on android screen

I've managed to display API data to flutter, but strangely it only appears in the debug console, but when hot reloaded, the data appears on the android screen.

Flutter custom widget styling

I'm working on a big app tightly with the designer. I was a part of the style guide and the component design process,the designer handed off his work and now it

Animated Container with dynamix height Flutter

I am using an animatedContainer to reveal a listView.builder() when a button is pressed. It's a simple sublist to show, but the problem is the height of the Lis

App Check from Firebase in Flutter doesn't work

I'm trying to use App Check from Firebase with Flutter (on Android only for now), but the documentation is just terrible and I don't understand the errors I get

Can anyone please explain the use of null-shorting cascade in Dart?

I'm confused about what the documentation says here:

Flutter Debug: Warning: CocoaPods not installed. Skipping pod install

my problem is this: I want to connect my app to Firebase. I followed all the steps and did everything according to the instructions. When I tried to debug the a

Flutter WebView doesn't call onPageFinished on iOS

I'm working with webview_flutter in order to Auth my users through Cognito's auth endpoint. This is my WebView: return WebView( initialUrl: url,

I get "DioError 404" error when running Flutter project on iOS, but I don't get any error on android

I get "DioError 404" error while running Flutter project on iOS but I don't get any error on android. The project is running, but when I click on the widget con

I created an app where the Apple pay works fine in debug mode, but there is no in production when app is in review

hi i have developed an app in flutter and used pay: ^1.0.0 package for user to pay match fee if they want to enroll in it. it works fine in simulator iPhone 13

Flutter Transform translate a widget from current position to another position

If I want to translate any Widget in my flutter app, I will use below code. Transform.translate() Translate function required Offset (dx,dy). But I want to f

No implementation found for method getApplicationDocumentsDirectory on channel

My Flutter application is freezing on the splash screen and I'm getting the following error log: Built build\app\outputs\apk\debug\app-debug.apk. I/Choreograph

Refresh flutter FUTUREBUILDER with a swipe up

I have an app that gets some data from firebase and than calls a class to display a widget based on the data from firebase. I tried adding a swipe up refresh bu

Flutter - FutureBuilder fires twice on hot reload

In my flutter project when I start the project in the simulator everything works fine and the future builder only fires once, but when I do hot reload the Futur

Flutter storing a widget in Provider class and reusing it in multiple widgets

Hey Stack overflow community please go easy on me if this question is not a good one :) Is there any advantage to initialising a widget such as SizedBox with a

Transluscent StatusBar in Flutter

Please how can I achieve this transluscent effect on the status bar in flutter? I wish to use this on android devices <= ANDROID_19 and also on Lollipop.

pull down to REFRESH in Flutter

My dashboard code looks like this, Here I am doing get req in getReport method, I have added the RefreshIndicator in the code which when pulled down inside cont

ERROR: The GPU does not support this version of OpenGL ES, try an older version in flutter

I/Adreno (21484): ERROR: The GPU does not support this version of OpenGL ES, try an older version D/skia (21484): Shader compilation error D/skia