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This package does not have flutter_web_plugins in the `dependencies` section of `pubspec.yaml`

When publishing my package after adding web support i got this error Package validation found the following error: * line 9, column 1 of lib/hexcolor_web.dart:

AnimatedContainer with Column child

I would like to animate the child height of an AnimatedContainer where the child is a Column widget. While I can animate the Column, the Column's children are a

Variable scope within the Flutter StatefulWidget

I'm trying to access the moviesList inside the build() and results as follows. What is the real issue? flutter: ══╡ EXCEPTION CAUGHT BY WIDGET

Error adding Flutter web-view plugin in version 1.20.4

I would like to use flutter-web plugin in my app. However, I am getting the following SDK error when I add it to my YAML file. I just upgraded to 1.20.4 How do

Getting error "Incorrect use of ParentDataWidget." on flutter

The following assertion was thrown while applying parent data.: Incorrect use of ParentDataWidget. The ParentDataWidget Flexible(flex: 1) wants to apply ParentD

How to load image from assets folder inside a pdf in Flutter web?

We want to show image on a pdf from assets folder in Flutter web application: import 'package:pdf/pdf.dart'; import 'package:pdf/widgets.dart' as pw; import 'pa

Flutter Convert Future<object> to Map<String, dynamic> [duplicate]

I need to make HTTP Post JSON request but first i need to Get 3 different JSONs and make 1 of them. I thought better way to do this is to work

Process 'command '/Users/username/flutter/bin/flutter'' finished with non-zero exit value 1 android studio

I'm trying to open a flutter project and have just installed flutter. When I run flutter doctor -v in the terminal I installed it, I get the following: [✓

How to play list(array) of videos from firebase :In my case I tried with lot of changes but I get this error

Here there are my two Dart file from that I retrieve my Video from firestore but in that, I made video array and try to retrieve it but it gives me an error , i

Method Exception found while using the image picker in flutter

I am getting a error in the image picker plugin. Have tried all the resources from stack overflow and am really stuck with this from past two days. Whenevr I am

Dart: How to Encode Decode animated webp files?

I am trying to decode animated webp image file and encode it's frames to animated webp image file in Dart (cli) Dart Code: import 'dart:io'; import 'package:ima

How to get network DateTime.Now()?

Actually in flutter is returns device date and time. Users sometimes change their internal clock and using can give wrong result.

TextOverflow.ellipsis but on the y-axis of the Text Widget

I am building a constrained maximum height column widget that contains two separate text paragraphs as its children. Column( mainAxisAlignment: MainAxisAl

Flutter: How to listen to variable change on GetX

I want to change body of the widget depending on if the pressedBool is false or true. Here is GetxController I wrote. import 'package:get/state_manager.dart

How to remove underline below TextField?

Here is the code. I want to remove the black underline just below text, and currently the TextField is in edit mode: TextField( autofocus: true, de

How to catch OAuth2 token in Flutter Web?

This dependency supposedly supports web, but the implementation to listen for the callback and retrieve the token is missing. After digging around for the last

How to get index from Column, Row

I made a customGirdView like below, everything as I expected, but I want to make an event when I click an item, I cannot get the index of each item, it always t

Why does the Software Keyboard cause Widget Rebuilds on Open/Close?

I have a screen, which contains a Form with a StreamBuilder. when I load initial data from StreamBuilder, TextFormField show data as expected. When I tap inside

XCode Simulator Path in XCode 13.2

I tried to download manually the iOS Simulator 15.0 but I don't know where should I put the .dmg file or iPhoneSimulatorSDK15_0.pkg file, Does anyone have any i

Has anybody gotten flutter universal links with uni_links working on iOS 13?

I swear everything was working fine a few months ago. And then I picked up developing my app again lately and now I can't get universal links working on ios. An