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Python-AttributeError: 'int' object has no attribute 'decode'" when trying to call the GML file on NetworkX

Premise・What I want to achieve I'm going to use Python to read the GML file. Error Message Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line

ImportError: cannot import name 'CharsetMetaAttributeValue'

from bs4 import BeautifulSoup html_doc=''' html_doc = """ <html><head><title>The Dormouse's story</title></head> <body> <

Factor Analysis using Python Factor_Analyzer

I am trying to perform factor analysis by using factor analyzer module by using the below codes: for bartlett_sphericity from factor_analyzer.factor_analyzer

Errors with PyZabbix host.create method

I'm getting this problem: pyzabbix.ZabbixAPIException: ('Error -32602: Invalid params., Incorrect arguments passed to function.', -32602) Here is my code: add_

How to get python3 on jenkins?

I am new to Jenkins. I installed python plugin which is available from Jenkins UI. But seems like it install python 2. I want to have python 3 on Jenkins. I hav

how to load data to jupyter notebook VM from google cloud?

I am trying to load a bunch of csv files stored on my google cloud into my jupyter notebook. I use python 3 and gsutil does not work. Lets's assume I have 6 .

Jupyter notebook shows FileNotFoundError and is unable to run any shell

I have installed Jupyter: OS : 32bit windows 7 jupyter notebook version is 6.0.1. After installing it, when I try to open a notebook, it shows a kernel error

Getting Error 403 in Google Colab with Tensorboard with Firefox

I have a tfevent file already present on my Drive and I have successfully connected it to Google Colab. After searching within the issues of Tensorboard Github,

Python opencv Aruco "No module named 'cv2.aruco'"

I am running an Ubuntu virtual machine with, Python 3.6.1, Anaconda 4.4.0 (64-bit). I am trying to run the code on this website. When I try to use import cv2

Python 3.6+: Nested multiprocessing managers cause FileNotFoundError

So I'm trying to use multiprocessing Manager on a dict of dicts, this was my initial try: from multiprocessing import Process, Manager def task(stat): tes

How to convert a nested dict, to a pandas dataframe

I'm trying to convert a dataframe that has inside other dataframe like: { 'id': 3241234, 'data': { 'name':'carol', 'lastname': 'netfli

Initializing a variable with INT_MIN in Python 3.8 [duplicate]

About the code The maximum sum subarray problem is the task of finding a contiguous subarray with the largest sum, within a given one-dimensio

Fastest way in numpy to get distance of product of n pairs in array

I have N number of points, for example: A = [2, 3] B = [3, 4] C = [3, 3] . . . And they're in an array like so: arr = np.array([[2, 3], [3, 4], [3, 3]]) I nee

Create a dataclass with field names automatically generated from dict keys

I want to create a dataclass from a dict not only with the values of the dict but also with it's keys automatically recognized as field names for the dataclass.

How do I resolve "No module named 'frontend'" error message?

I have installed PymuPDF/fitz because am trying to extract images from PDF files. However, upon running the code below, I am seeing No module named 'frontend'.

assertion failed: [Condition x == y did not hold element-wise:]

I have built a BiLSTM model with an attention layer for sentence classification task but I am getting an error that my assertion has failed due to mismatch in n

3D point cloud matching

I have a 3D point cloud and I would like to match different point clouds with each other for recognition purposes. Does OpenCV or Tensorflow do it for me? if ye

Flask and flask-restplus dependency conflicts using Werkzeug

I am writing an API using Flask, flask-restplus, Werkzeug, and a few other irrelevant libraries. Here is the issue: flask-restplus is not compatible with the ne

Shopify Inventory Not Update via Shopify GraphiQL App

I have checked the Shopify GraphQL API, and I have tried to update the product inventory on Shopify but when I execute the graphql API it says " Inventory quan

Tkinter Treeview background tag not working

Trying to colorize different rows in a Tkinter Treeview. I have gone through multiple docs and tutorials and believe I am doing it correctly (even tried variati