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Why do terra::cellSize() and raster::area() produce different estimates of raster cell area?

I just noticed that terra::cellSize() produces cell area estimates that do not match those produced by raster::area(). First, why do these two methods not provi

Snowflake error in RStudio which limits the size of rows to fetch - Error: nanodbc/nanodbc.cpp:2695: HY000

I have an issue where I kind of know what it is but do not know the solution to it. When I fetch data from an external Snowflake DB, it limits the size of the d

R Markdown won't knit even though my code chunks work

For some reason, my code chunks work but when I try to knit the file, I have an "object not found" error. Here's the chunk which causes the error: library(ggplo

R - if_else assign na value

I have a dataframe in R. My goal is to create a new column with if_else statement. If the value in a row is equal to the string "company", then the value of thi

Hot to get clean polygons in R after st_combine/st_union with sf package?

I have a tidy dataset for census sectors in sf format (setores_sp_ok.rda), which has polygons for two different territorial models, indicated by variable modelo

R create sf polyline from nested list of coordinates

I have a nested list of coordinates in the following format: feature <- list(type = "Feature", properties = list(`_leaflet_id` = 125L, feature_type = "p

Sending Queries to a table in RMySQL, using R variables

I am trying to write data I have created in R and stored in arrays to MySQL table. Currently this is how I am doing it, for(z in 1:60){ dbSendQuery( mydb,

Replace_na with map function

penguins %>% map(~replace_na(list(.=0))) Why the code above didnt work to replace na in the dataset penguins? The result is below # A tibble: 8 x 1 .

How can I change global fonts in officer

I am trying to make a word document from R. I use the officer package. doc = docx(title = 'test') When I do this, the standard template is used. Is there a w

Clustering longitudinal data with multiple variables in R

I have a dataset that contains the observations of 30 people and each of them had done 20 experiments. Suppose my data looks like this: ID trial reaction r

How to vectorise ifelse function in R?

I am trying to make a vectorized function using ifelse in R, but my code is only taking the first element of the vector. For example, as shown in my code below

How to use MatchIT R package to use caliper width on logit of the propensity score instead of the propensity score?

The R package MatchIT uses a caliper width on the standard deviation of the propensity score. Is there a way to use logit of the propensity score?

XGBoost object 'trainD' not found

I was running this code on RStudio param <- list(colsample_bytree = 1, subsample = .6, booster = "gbtree", max_dept

Fill dataframe with missing data in R

I have a code that counts how many points there are for each quadrant of 10x10 and shows the result in each quadrant I have this Dataframe qx qy n

r add math symbol to x axis text

I am trying to add a math symbol (sum) to some texts in x-axis. For example, if this is my plot. data(iris) p1 <- ggplot(iris, aes(x=Species, y=Sepal.Length)

How to Determine the K^th character in the concatenated string

Given a list that contains N strings of lowercase English alphabets. Any number of contiguous strings can be found together to form a new string. The grouping f

Mean columns with almost the same name

I have a data frame containing only one row with named columns. The data frame looks somewhat like this: poms_tat1 poms_tat2 poms_tat3 tens1 tens2

Fast matrix determinant calculation with specific structure

I have a k*k squared matrix with diagonal elements x>0 and all other elements y>0. The values of k, x, y are all subject to change. Now I need the determi

Saving patchwork ggplots with furrr future map only saves one of the plots

I am trying to save a list of patchworked ggplots (ie ggplots that have been wrapped together into 1 plot using the package patchwork). My real data is creating

R markdown not knitting because of parse raw had been removed

I've been having problems on knitting Rmarkdown, and it's been frustrating that I have no idea what to do. Every time I knit them, it always ended up with an er