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Deadlock on Select from table-valued parameter

I have this piece of code which acquires connection from EF Core DB context and executes select on the received data. var conn = _dbContext.Database.GetDbConnec

Why does a zero-length stackalloc make the C# compiler happy to allow conditional stackallocs?

The following "fix" is very confusing to me; the scenario here is conditionally deciding whether to use the stack vs a leased buffer depending on the size - a p

How to show deserialized TempData object in view?

I'm getting System.NullReferenceException: 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object.' error in Index2.cshtml file after deserializing my TempData o

Is there any way to clear the cache, cookies & History for Edge Browser

I am working on RPA Automations Project, where we need to login into a Application using the Edge browser, after logging we need to make few update and complete

How to publish different solutions (and repositories) to the same project?

I have an Azure DevOps project that contains a solution that is published to an URL like Is it possible to publish another solution in a d

Guid Instead of string for primary key / ID for ASP.Net Core 3.1 Identity

This no longer works with ASP.Net Core 3.1 / .Net Core 3.1 Compile error:'IdentityBuilder' does not contain a de

Cloudflare Workers with Webassembly

i managed today to get cloudflare workers working with my c# wasm. My question is, how safe this is if i want to serve a api on workers with webassembly? I want

Foreign Key word display blank when the app is run

I have built a Book app in ASP.NET Core razor pages CRUD using Entity Framework. However, when I run the app and view it on https://localhost:44370/, the Foreig

Replacing {text} in .txt or array with different text

Consider having the following strings in a .txt file Or in an array: {"","",""} And consider having t

Microsoft Graph API Pagination is not working for getting all users from Azure AD

We are using Microsoft Graph API Beta version to retrieve all users from the Azure AD using below code. API returns only 100 users in the response and to use pa

Kerberos error when connecting to Oracle database in .NET Core

I have an application created using .NET Core 3.1 which needs to connect to an Oracle database, the connection code is very straightforward and I'm connecting u

Equivalent to Solution Folders in VS Code

In Visual Studio, one can create "Solution Folders" to group different .NET projects into a virtual folder. Is there any equivalent solution for VS Code? I've

Restart c# console app after executing succesfull

How to automatically restart c# console application after a succesfull run? My program should be running continuously. And i should be like a loop but not in th

Adding Global Using Directive in blazor

The type or namespace name 'XXX' does not exist in the namespace 'MyClassLibrary.Models' (are you missing an assembly reference?). The error refer to this Blaz

C# How to set Property with two arguments

I need to setup a Property with two arguments, for example, to append text in a log file. Example: public string LogText(string text, bool Overwrite) { get

How to solved gRPC exeption with this Status(StatusCode="Unimplemented", Detail="Service is unimplemented.")?

I implemente gRPC in my .net core 3.1 projects. Although it works in my local, does not work on server. I try to implement every things that is necessary in my

I need to update a Blazor page to update whenever the query string changes

I have a Blazor component named NavBar.razor that displays a Radzen navigation menu with a list of tags. When the user clicks a tag (RadzenPanelMenuItem), the c

Entity Framework .Include() with condition not working

SCENARIO If I split the Entity Framework linq query to evaluate an IQueryable first and after try to include some properties, the value of AccessGroupAccessPoin

CORS Error while calling .Net WebAPI from Axios

I have a login form from where I am calling the .Net API from react using Axios axios .post( 'https://localhost:5001/login', { email: 'abc@gmail

Equivalent to ControllerBase's `IsLocalUrl` in Blazor

So I normally have an endpoint in a controllerbase where I check if a given url is local or not with Url.IsLocalUrl(returnUrl), but I can't find an equivalent t