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This site can’t provide a secure connection core from dotnet linux

I am currently developing an API using core 2.1. When I use the ide visual studio 2019 in windows I don't have problems running the project, but now I

The Enter Key does not close a Form if the Focus is on a Button that is not the AcceptButton

I have a modal Form with three Buttons, A B and C. In addition, I have two Buttons: OK and Cancel. The OK Button's DialogResult property is set to DialogResult.

Does exposing some methods of a class through an Interface break any SOLID design principle? [closed]

I understand interface segregation and single responsibility principles guide against a class implementing methods or property it doesn't need

WPF goes to the top of each pages when navigating/reloading page

I'm very new to WPF .net 5.0 framework. Every time I navigate to a different page in a frame, it maintains the scroll position instead of going back to the top

Deserialize json with dynamic objects that starts with pattern

I'm trying to deserialize some json that looks like this { "id":"2021", "descriptions_bg":[ "30231300", "30233160", "32420000", "3

How to support for Windows 11 "Snap Layout" to the custom maximize/restore button in WPF?

I have a WPF app using a custom Maximize/Restore button. In Windows 11, mouse hover on maximize/restore button does not pop up snap layout feature like below:

Multiple values single data trigger WPF

I have the following piece of code. <Button.Style> <Style BasedOn="{StaticResource {x:Static ToolBar.ButtonStyleKe

DotNet command for building and generating zip file on mac machine

Can anyone help me with the .net command for building and generating zip file. I am trying to run below command on mac machine. dotnet build ManageWebAppSourceC

C# Selenium - Can't access image url in another tag

I'm trying to validate image on website however can't access the url of the image. Most websites will have the image with a "src" tag however this website has t

git checkout slns between old and new csproj formats

We recently ran the csproj migration tool on our solution with 156 projects: dotnet tool install --global Project2015To2017.Migrate2019.Tool This worked very w

Net core Identity lockout not lockout user account

I try to enable lockout feature but I am not successed. Each time, I check database, AccessFailedCount is increase to 1 but after that again it turn to 0. What'

Using the Try-Convert Tool for migrating from .net to .net core Multiple installs of MSBuild

I have installed the Try-Convert tool, and when i go to the root of my project and execute the try-convert command - I get multiple installs of MSBuild detected

How to save treeview xml correctly when I edit it in winfroms?

Let's say. If I have this kind of xml file. <Main> <group name="R1"> <IsUser>Example</IsUser> <IsUser>Example2</IsUse

Sockets in Unity

I'm working on a project that requires me to connect to an outside server from my oculus app, I want to do this via pushing a button. I have pretty limited C# k

Helix Toolkit in c# displaying ply point cloud

I have made a ply file with the help of this wrapper. How I made the ply file is shown below: using (var frames = pipeline.WaitForFrames()) { var colorFrame

Servicestack.Redis how to use GetRange feature

I need to use the redis command GETRANGE. I use it this retrieve the hash I store along with the string content, to evaluate if this latter has been changed whi

Get XSD from RESTful Web API

I have created simple RESTful Web API with automatic documentation from Swagger on Azure by using C# : namespace WebAPIDemo.Controllers { public class

Where to set custom ClaimsPrincipal for all HttpRequests

I'm porting older application to ASP.NET Core, that uses Windows Authentication (configured in IIS, resp. launchsetting.json). I would like to override the aut

How to type cast of a session object into a class object in c#

i have a class called user. I put that class object into session. My question is, how can i retrieve that object into another page? var user = obj.user; var use

Azure Durable Function: Fan Out vs. Parallel.ForEachAsync

I have to run a function on a list of items. I'm using Azure Durable Functions, and can run the items in parallel using their fan out/fan in strategy. However,