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How do multiple buffers for attributes work in openGL (ES) shaders and C++ api

I have the proverbial cube sample and have been writing some code to test it all and learn more about shaders. My question is about how multiple buffers are ass

Segmentation fault (core dumped) in image pyramid construction

I am looking at the source code of orb-slam2. I see that the source code of feature extraction written by the author contains a piece of code for building an im

Managing 'Security Settings' in Active Directory GPO using C++

Need help with modify 'Security Settings' in AD's GPO. The 'Administrative template' settings are stored in corresponding ADMX files. I'm able to change these

Mesh getting cut off

I'm using DirectX 11. I'm trying to draw a Cube mesh to the screen but the bottom half is getting cut off. If I move the camera up/down the bottom half is still

How can I propagate const when returning a std::vector<int*> from a const method?

Lets show it in an example where we have a Data class with primary data, some kind of index that points to the primary data, and we also need to expose a const

Is it possible to accelerate clang-tidy using ccache or similar?

Since employing ccache on our CI server, we find that the bottleneck in terms of build time is now our static analysis pass, that uses clang-tidy, among other t

How to use F.getValueSymbolTable()

I wanna get all the local variables in a function. void getLocalVariables(Function &F) { ValueSymbolTable *vst = F.getValueSymbolTable(); for (auto vs :

Get PDF images in an array using PDFIUM to edit them

I am trying to write down a method to get all PDF images from a FPDF_DOCUMENT object to perform actions on them and return back theFPDF_DOCUMENT with the images

How to use CPPFlow with giving a .txt as input

I recently used cppflow on VS 2019 on Windows 10. My original data is data in 4 columns per row. I want to use neural network to classify precipitation particle

Can I use UnrealEngine with C++ on Mac without Xcode

I am new to Unreal Engine as well as game development. I am using mac (since this laptop is not my personal usage, I have a limitation of using any application

How can I calculate the tens place value of 2^100 in C++?

How can I calculate the tens place value of 2^100 in C++? I tried this; #include <cmath> #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main(){

gdb <error reading variable> for any string object

Lets take this very simple program here for example: // test.cpp #include <string> #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { strin

parse libcurl response with nlohmann json or rapidjson

My libcurl code returns me a json string: {"object":"user","attributes":{"id":000,"admin":false,"username":"un","email":"[email protected]","first_name":"leopold

Decrypt using RSA private key using windows crypto api

I have a RSA private key in xml format. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?> <RSAParameters xmlns:xsi="" xm

linux socket lose data when a delay is added before read

I am learning linux socket programming, I expect that server can read data, even I add a delay but it just drops the buffer data, and receive the recent data, t

uWebSockets undefined references in eclipse cpp ide

I'm new to c++ and i miss many knowledge about it. Mostly i get the work done by try and error. But now i stuck on setting up a test project for a websocket se

libpq SELECT loop and UPDATE within the loop

I have a C++ program that does something like the following: PGresult* res = PQexec(conn, "SELECT id, foo FROM tbl WHERE some_condition"); for (int r = 0; r <

I have a project in college and I do some of the requirements [closed]

**my project talk about Shape hierarchy for every shape needs Inheritance, Polymorphism and Files I/0 I did a simple thing of the requirements

C++ why max of 64bit double has 308 digits?

In my environment (Win10 64bit, VC++2019 and 32bit project), sizeof(double) is 8 bytes, the max value should be 1.84e19. But std::numeric_limits<double>:

【SOLVED】LLVM DILocation: extract information from metadata

I wanna get value and 861 from a return instruction, for example ret i32 %3, !dbg !861 and it's metadata !861 = !DILocation(line: 8, column: 5, scope: !857). Bu