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Repeating animation on SwiftUI Image

Given the following struct: struct PeopleList : View { @State var angle: Double = 0.0 @State var isAnimating = true var foreverAnimation: Animatio

AudioKit Cookbook v.5 build fails (xcode 13.2.1)

I have been trying to build, to no avail, the Cookbook under Xcode 13.2.1. I get "Analyze Failed" with the following errors: Stk: Command CompileSwiftSources fa

NSUnknownKeyException for a UIButton. Correctly added referencing outlets and corresponding function

I am facing an NSUnknownKeyException for a back button present on a Storyboard, i.e. FastGazeExtension. I have correctly connected the back button to the UIButt

CoreData not updated until application inactivates

I'm building a Macos CoreData+CloudKit app. I first create my container by doing this: let container = NSPersistentCloudKitContainer(name: "TestApp") let descri

Using @EnvironmentObject properly

I am just trying to get my updated value to display in my application after it receives a new value from bluetooth core. I know the value in the class is updati

sliders slow down and don't move smoothly

I'm doing an application "Photo Editor". I'm beginner in swift. I have a problem with my sliders. They don't work as I need. May be someone know, how I can reso

Whenever I add a spacer into my code. it crashes. It works fine until then

This is simple code I made to practice with spacers. This is SwiftUI. struct Spacer: View { var body: some View{ HStack{

How to use Image Literal in the latest Xcode version 13?

I have tried the #imageliteral method but it seems to not working also. I need to use many images in an array so is there any alternative to it or not?

SwiftUI - Unknown preview provider "ContentView_Previews_" when previewing. Happens in a brand-new project

I have this simple view. import SwiftUI struct ContentView: View { var body: some View { Text("Hello") } } struct ContentView_Previews: Previe

Deleting and inserting a row in a table?

I am following some swift tutorials and I have been noticing that sometimes it's enough to use the array and append/remove but sometimes you have to also add in

iOS IPA file could not be installed because it's integrity could not be verified

After installing ipa file on my iPad 14.2 version this error prompt. " this app cannot be installed because its integrity could not be verified" what should

Menu Bar Popover is missing from application's elements tree on macOS

I'm currently trying to write simple UI Tests for an App that comes with a popover in the macOS menu bar. One of the tests is supposed to open the menu bar popo

Why does UIButton.setTitle change the font size?

I'm building an iOS app for a class, and I'm following along some instructions. The Edit button is connected to toggleEditingMode, but when I change the text, f

Swift Playgrounds (iPad) does not build an app with implemented ARSessionDelegate.session(_:didUpdate:) functions

I found an error while trying to implement a SwiftUI representation of ARView with ARSessionDelegate based on Apple’s official example “Building an

Any way to keep gradient attached at top when scrolling?

I have a scroll view attached to superview(not safe area) and inside it there is a gradient filled view at top. However when i swipe up, the gradient gets pulle

SwiftUI: How to switch to a new navigation stack with NavigationViews

I am currently using SwiftUI Beta 5. I have a workflow which involves navigating through a series of views. The last view involves an operation which populates

How to split an array in half, and obtain two arrays

I want to split an array in two half, and then assign each half of the original array into two different string. I cannot do the first part. I have this code fo

Add swift UI support to the framework that target's IOS 10,

I wrote framework on Swift UI, then Client told me that lower IOS was required to be supported on framework. I rewrite framework on UIKit/UIViewController, And

How to remove the default Navigation Bar space in SwiftUI NavigationView

I am new to SwiftUI (like most people) and trying to figure out how to remove some whitespace above a List that I embedded in a NavigationView. In this image, y

" Duplicate keys of type ... were found in a Dictionary " when there is no Dictionary?

I'm quite new to Swift and I just encountered an error I don't find a solution for. I'm currently working on a game (Boggle, for the curious) and I want to upda