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How to add gradient color to UIView using Custom Class and UIAppearnace() in swift

Hello Everyone I want to add Gradient Background Color to UIView using UIAppearnce() with CustomView Class.I am facing an error - Thread 1: " Illegal axis type,

Standalone PWA shows ◀Untitled instead of actual PWA name?

On iPhone running iOS 15.4.1, there seems to be an issue, where the back button to our PWA shows “◀Untitled” and not the actual PWA’s na

my app crash in uikit ,only happen on IPhone X and above exception name NSInternalInconsistencyException

Failed to load bounding path bitmap data from the asset manager for asset name: BoundingPathBitmap-1125x2436-375x812-3.00x The crash happen on the viewcontroll

How to implement a Drop Down list in Flutter?

I am trying to load data from my REST API and load them to the dropdown lists. Below is the code where my dropdown list and data loading from outside is impleme

How to add test data to PreviewProvider

I am new to iOS/Swift and to the MVVM architecture and was wondering how to send in test data to the SwiftUI Preview. (Actual data is received from the ViewMode

Possible to use Push notifications without developer account? [duplicate]

Is it possible to use push notification without developer account just for testing!

Requested but did not find extension point with identifier Xcode.IDEFoundation.IDEResultKitSerializationConverter

exeute xcrun xccov view --archive --file #{file_path} #{xcresult_path} > result.txt console log: 2020-09-17 15:33:01.346 xccov[80302:9272810] Requested but

how to get current displaying page month in string in Fscalender in swift

I know how to get the month of current page but I want to know how to get the month of current page in string in fscalender please help me I'm new to iOS. let v

How to set Flutter AppBar Transparent without the Status bar

I tried to set a transparent appbar using. return Scaffold( extendBodyBehindAppBar: true,       appBar: AppBar(   &nbs

How to make a view between Spacers always at the center in an HStack?

What I would like to achieve. regardless the width of text width at both side the button should always at the center of the HStack. HStack { Text("Fooooooo

How To decode Base64 encoded .SVG string using Swift 5.x

I want to decode a base64 encoded .svg image using Swift 5.x. Can anybody guide me on how to do it? I have encoded and decoded base64 .png before. Need help abo

How do I loop over section of audio in audiokit

How do I go about looping over a section of audio? For example, I'd like to loop from, say 7.3 seconds into a song to 10.5 seconds into it over and over indefin

CreateML MLModel works on playground UI but not in app

I'm working on a machine learning app that classifies numbers that are hand drawn. I have made a model using CreateML that supposedly has 100% accuracy (I will

Cant take to build in iOS after zebrautility: ^0.0.38 added

I'm new to Xcode in a flutter, when I integrated zebrautility plugin in the flutter project, the android module worked fine, and print works. When I try to run

Expo iOS build crashing on splash screen

I developed an app using Expo and React Native. The app worked fine during development using the Expo Go app, I tested in Android and iOS. Then I built each app

Flutter: How to draw a star

I am trying to custom my container shape to look like this: I tried to do it with customPaint but I don't know very well this widget so I need help. How can I

how to work with firebase with nullsafety on m1?

EDIT : solved at this time, just using the latest version i have test with latest version of firebase. and i got this CocoaPods could not find compatible vers

SwiftUI 2.0 CoreData issues with new project - 'Cannot find type 'Item' in scope'

[EDIT] I was hoping that Apple would have fixed what is obviously a bug. The solution is to clear the cache, close and reopen Xcode.. I am on Xcode Beta and sta

Cannot access button in nib file (UI Testing iOS)

I am writing a UITest case for my view. The problem is I cannot access the button in my nib file view. I gave the accessibility identifier to the button as well

flutter ios : Missing required icon file. The bundle does not contain an app icon for iPad of exactly '167x167' pixels,

I want to upload my flutter app to ios. Everything is working fine, but I am facing the issue at the uploading time Missing required icon file. The bundle does