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ToolbarItemGroup in .toolbar {} doesn't work in a Sheet

I'm using SwiftUI 3.0, Swift 5.5 and Xcode 13.2, tested on iOS 15.3 iPhone device, and iOS 15.2 iPhone simulator. I have tested the following. This is a view, w

SwiftUI .onTapGesture always higher priority than .swipeActions

How do I make my the code in .swipeActions be called instead of the one in .onTapGesture? I have a SwiftUI view like follows: struct ContentView: View {

Why does iOS Password Autofill not prompt to save password on keychain?

I am setting up iOS Autofill Password in my app, and I followed all the guidelines in this tutorial

How to change "Cancel" button text in modal sheet view in SwiftUI on watchOS 7?

I have 2 simple views: import SwiftUI struct ContentView: View { @State private var showingModalView = false var body: some View { Button(

Duplicate toolbar in SwiftUI

I added toolbar to 2 text fields, but the toolbar shows up twice: This is the code for my custom text field: public struct SUIDecimalField: View { public var

Cordova InAppBrowser - How to return to app on iOS device after clicking link

I am trying to allow the user of my Cordova iOS app to click a link in the app to visit a website and be able to return to the mobile app. The issue

iOS SwiftUI: pop or dismiss view programmatically

I couldn't find any reference about any ways to make a pop or a dismiss programmatically of my presented view with SwiftUI. Seems to me that the only way is to

Unabled to create single view ios app in xcode

I am new to ios/xcode and I was trying to follow through the new SwiftUI tutorial. The first one has you create a ios single view app . However when I go to xco

What is the difference between ObjectBinding and EnvironmentObject?

What is the purpose of @EnvironmentObject when we have @Binding property wrapper ? I am having trouble figuring out why @EnvironmentObject is needed. I took a l

IPA file made by pipeline is not working in browserstack

When the pipeline finishes building react-native ios app. It creates an artifact IPA file. Usually, it works fine but for several times we get 'app_install_erro

Unity Metal: Compute shader has 1024 threads in a thread group which is more than the supported max of 512 in this device

I'm compiling a code for unity ios build and keep getting the following error Metal: Compute shader has 1024 threads in a thread group which is more than the s

How to get index from Column, Row

I made a customGirdView like below, everything as I expected, but I want to make an event when I click an item, I cannot get the index of each item, it always t

Cleanest way to wrap array index?

Say I have an array of 5 Ints. What would be the most efficient way to wrap the index of the array if the index were incremented or decremented (for example) th

XCode Simulator Path in XCode 13.2

I tried to download manually the iOS Simulator 15.0 but I don't know where should I put the .dmg file or iPhoneSimulatorSDK15_0.pkg file, Does anyone have any i

Has anybody gotten flutter universal links with uni_links working on iOS 13?

I swear everything was working fine a few months ago. And then I picked up developing my app again lately and now I can't get universal links working on ios. An

iOS - Change UICollectionView layout to fill rows instead of columns

Is it possible to change the UICollectionView so that it fills the rows instead of the columns ? Here's an image explaining it : EDIT : It's an horizontal scro

CollectionView Disappears within StackView (Swift)

I'm trying to achieve the stackView arrangement shown in the middle of this figure:, but for some reason the top stack, containing a collectionView, disappears

What Simulator devices are currently needed to make screenshots for Apple App Store?

I ask this question as instead of getting to this information quickly I had to search for it in a more complicated manner. So, what Simulator devices are needed

Sending self sms from iPhone via flutter

I'm using the flutter_otp plugin for SMS. It works fine on Android but I get this error on iPhone. I tried different format for phone number but still the same

How to automatically update a Flutter Mobile app to newer version when the application is not on play store or app store?

let's say i have a Flutter APK hosted on my website where users can download and install , what i'm interested to know is how possible that the application can