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CSS files not working in brave browser but works fine with chrome browser

this is how it looks in chrome and this is how it looks on brave I am using the current version of brave browser and to note I have developed this website using

GitHub pages post links not working

I'm trying to get a Git Hub pages blog to work (, but when I go to the link my posts are supposed to be on the link does

CSS - How can I divide a list <li> in 3 columns using li:nth-child?

There are 6 elements and I want them to be something like that: - First - Third - Fifth - Second - Fourth - Sixth I tried something like this:

I have 2 scrolls bar on my page , can't figure out why

I'm creating a website at the moment for quite a long time now. The last thing I did with it was to make it responsive on my second smaller laptop with mediaque

In angular material table , on a button click it should filter data which are older than 3 months

I had angular material table which contain a column that shows data using this I need to filter data which are older than 3 months

Can't center-align image

I'm having problems centering an image between two float-aligned pictures. I can't add margin-left to the image in the middle. I would like it to stay centered

Problem with updating styles in JS for my class

So I have a problem with updating styles in JS for my class. In debug I can see that variables change correctly foreach object as they should, but style changes

How to place a circle inside a square box in css?

I have a webpage made in HTML and CSS in which I want to put a circle inside a square box. Here is the fiddle for the webpage. At this moment, I am able to ma

How to align 3 divisions in a row such that the last element is at the middle of the page?

How can I align 3 divs in a row, equally spaced, such that the last (rightmost) element is at the center of the page?

Why is there space between the parallelogram-divs?

I've made a few parallelograms in a row like that, but there is some space between them. I want to remove that space. margin-left: -1px; works, but I'm afraid t

What does the tag <link rel="author" .. do?

I'm currently trying to learn HTML and I have a question about the link element: <link rel="author" href="URL">. What does this element do? My book says:

How can I toggle an element's attributes using pure JavaScript?

Most of the similar questions that arose as I wrote this one were like this (where the user wishes to toggle an element's class using pure JS) or this (where th

How to filter chat on whatsapp web using content script?

I am actually creating a chrome extension which creates some tabs in whatsapp web like all, unread, groups etc. And when we select any of these tabs it will fil

Redirect to previous page with php

The submit button is in contact-us.html, the code is in contact-us.php. I tried to use the header('Location: example'); with no luck... (I tried using the URL

Can I enforce a date within a range in a vuetify.js v-text-field for a date

I have the text field below with a date in it, the user should be able to enter in by hand. With the enforced format MM/DD/YYYY Question - is there a way to en

Mulesoft : HTML to JSON conversion?

Is it possible to convert an html input to JSON using mulesoft? For my case specifically, I am trying to convert an HTML table to JSON arrays. Input: <ta

Lighthouse error: "Form elements do not have associated labels"

How do I fix this Lighthouse error: Form elements do not have associated labels <input type="text" id="s" name="s" value="Arama..." onfocus="if (this.

Component name "Temp" should always be multi-word vue/multi-word-component-names

I am new In Vue.js Technology. I am getting an error while running my Vue application. Don't know where I am wrong, please try to fix my error. This is the Temp

Embed a React component into a HTML site, without affecting the parent site's styling and without an iframe

I have a React component that I want to build and insert into an HTML site. The component has some styling, which if imported will conflict with the HTML site's

Can't apply overflow in a flexbox [duplicate]

I'm struggling to make overflow-y works within flex. <div class="flex h-full flex-col"> <mark class="bg-red-900 p-2 font-semibold t