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JsException(TypeError: Failed to fetch)

When I try to import a pyscript source code to my HTML it shows a "JsException(TypeError: Failed to fetch)" error. print("Hello World") testPyscri

Display different language text in <noscript> tag, depending on browser language

I'm new to HTML, and I want to display a message when JavaScript is disabled. So I put the message inside <noscript> tag, which works fine. <noscript&g

How can I get the full source (HTML) of a web-page with vba?

I am trying to automate a work task using excel VBA. I can't seem to get all the source code. I created this simple code to test it. dim IE as object Dim S as S

Is it possible to extend the borders of table data <td> to align with content that has been moved via negative margins?

I have a collapsible table, which opens and closes when clicking on Accounting. It requires a unique layout. I have added a checkbox to my collapsible rows, w

Is there a way to add style to flask app?

I'm trying to add css to my html page in Flask, but it doesn't work. I tried the code in online editor and it works. HTML page (results.html): <div> <l

When colors are set in tailwind.config.js the default tailwind colors won't work anymore

I am using Tailwind for a little Wordpress project I am creating. So I have set things up with webpack. This works absolutely fine. Tailwind does its tree shaki

How to appear two Stripe Element on a single page

I would like to use two payment forms(stripe.js) on the same html. Only one if can be specified, so the payment form that is called first will be appeared, but

Is using tabs for navigation a violation of the ARIA specification?

The current title is as carefully reworded by somebody else. I could rephrase it as Do ARIA specs allow the use of tabs-based implementation of a navigation men

Scratch card game with non-repeat array

This is a scratch card game I modify using script from . I was trying to make a scratc

Safari CSS relative parent & relative child with pseudo selector does not match other browsers output

I am not looking for an answer to fix the code, moreso an answer or explanation as to why. Safari will render children elements with a relative parent in a comp

Check user role in Thymeleaf using Webflux security

I have a Spring Security 5 Reactive Applications using the "@EnableWebFluxSecurity" annotation.For my frontend I am using Thymeleaf.Now I have the problem that

Video can't press play on React

I have a working product that takes a file from API and read as a blob. But pressing the play button on the video does not work. I have tried using tried using

How to use .slice().reverse() in *ngFor with | keyvalue?

I often use .slice().reverse() in *ngFor to display elements in reverse order. But now I have a problem, because I also use | keyvalue. How to use .slice().reve

is it possible to have a flask app and an ejs website

i am making a flask app and usually i would do the following code: from flask import ( Flask, render_template, request ) app = Flask(__name__) @

Position of image <input> open dialog on Safari iOS

I need to trigger browser image selection from photo library/camera in response to user clicking a custom element (hiding the default <input>). Using the

Cart's update on subpages

My cart doesn't want to update on subpages, even though I basically copied the same code from index.php (including the script). I checkec twice and everything i

Is it possible to convert a Scratch project to an Android app?

For those of you who don't know, Scratch ( is a programming language based around connecting 'blocks' of code in order to create a project. I h

Why is my page not loading when clicking on event listener?

I'm creating an anime quiz. So when the user clicks on "Welcome to the anime quiz" s/he should be presented with 4 different anime titles. However, nothing happ

Is there a way to add two values of an array?

I am trying to make a vernam cypher using html and js, I started by giving each letter a value like (a = 0, b = 1, c = 2, … z = 25). Made two inputs so

About implement single HTML page with multiple tabs via CSS with or without JavaScript aid

I am interested in building a web page with one single HTML file and multiple tabs. Since only one tab at a time can be selected, I thought that the most approp