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What is "js-gps -track" as class name in almost every button and element in Stack Overflow?

I was exploring stack over flow's HTML and CSS then I noticed that JavaScript-GPS-track class is almost in every element. When user click on upvote button then

get folder directory from input type file - PHP

just a quick question, mission is to get a folder directory name. example: _C:\ThisFolder\myFolder_. and I've used html input type="file" but I'm only able to

Edit 14 day weather forecast Excel VBA to include precipitation

I found the code below which works nicely and I think I can repurpose it for my needs, but does not include the precipitation. I'm relatively new to HTML so hav

How do I check if a file name includes a variable in javascript?

So I am trying to make a save file system thing, and it creates a file with your username, but when you log in it checks the user saves file to see if theres a

is there a way to prevent repeating code in html I'm using bootstrap 4 collapse like 20 times in one page

<div class="card" style> <div class="card-header" id="headingOne"> <h5 class="mb-0"> <button class="btn btn-lin

How to enable pop-up iframe work on same page in react nextjs app

I have a pop-up that works very well in my vanilla Html app properly, that is, when the button is clicked, it opens the pop-up and everything works fine. The is

How to solve unexpected errors from a CSS selector

I am learning SASS. I am trying to make a webpage using SASS. There is some error showing in the CSS file generated from the SASS file. Here is the CSS code: .l

Error: Do not use <img>. Use Image from 'next/image' instead. - Next.js using html tag <img /> ( with styled components )

I know that in Next.js we have Image component, but the problem I have with it is that I can't use it as a normal HTML tag like <img />. I have to give it

How can I fit a img into a div wholly?

.flexbox-item-1 { min-height: 300px; min-width: 300px; border: 3px solid red; overflow: hidden; /* background: url("./Zodiac_Logos_jpg/Aries_zodia

Do not close window after clicking 'X' button? [duplicate]

I want to show a dialog when users click the X button to close the browser's window. In the dialog, it will ask users if they want to proceed

Live server installed but not working in VS code

I have installed the live server extension but the browser does not update after I save my HTML or other files. What might be causing a problem?

How to align the icons on the right to the center of the navigation bar?

I want to align the social media icon on the right in the center of the navigation bar along with the navigation link and logo. I'm trying to do something like

unordered list bullets don't work on safari

I have a simple unordered list with a custom bullet (>> instead of a Disc Bullets). It is working on Firefox, but not on safari. On Safari my bullets beco

Change disabled value in HTML document, if option element have specific value

I want if test2 is selected from <option> then disable all element inputs by via id element1. I try with if but dosnt work for me function myFunction(

Divs inside my ejs loop are not rendering

<div style="display: flex; flex-wrap: wrap; justify-content: center;"> <% guser._roles.forEach(async el => { let urole = await guild.roles.cache.g

validate input in Thymeleaf

I have this input: Masa: <input type="number" class="form-control form-text" name="masa"/> <div class="text col-sm-12 error" th:if="${wzrost}"

Step progress bar not working horizontal in mobile

I am trying to implement the step progress bar and I have done the below for the desktop version. Photo who works on the desktop like Desktop Version When I try

How to force prettier html formatting to format tags in one line?

I use prettier in my VSC, so how to force prettier HTML formatting to format tags in one line, not multiple lines? I want to format something like this all in

angular audio play on ngoninit not working

html code: <audio id="notification" src="../assets/audio/notification.mp3" autoplay="true" muted="muted"></audio> ts code: let audioPlayer = <H

Stylesheet for single object

I have a HTML page with a stylesheet linked in the head tag. I want to make an object with animations, and instead of using the original stylesheet for the anim