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can you apply media queries in the <noscript/> tag

Hey so im trying to display a message to the user if javascript is disabled using the noscript html tag. the message simply just asks them to re-enable javascri

can you apply media queries in the <noscript/> tag

Hey so im trying to display a message to the user if javascript is disabled using the noscript html tag. the message simply just asks them to re-enable javascri

In mobile responsive pagination is disappearing

Below is my code and here pagination is displayeing in laptop view as well as ipad or tablet view but while i am going to a small screen like mobile responsive

How do I style this text to be bold?

I am trying to figure out how to style this text to be bold in Shopify? <center> <font color="black">Free Shipping & Returns</font> <c

How to make this image hotspot map more accessible?

I am trying to create a "hotspot" map, which is an HTML image, with buttons absolutely positioned over top of the image. <div class="hotspot-map-container"&g

button not triggering call back function when clicked on. No way to know why as no error's thrown by console

I'm using an event listener on the button element. The user's first asked to select a language. Once they've have done so they are presented with the button in

How to make html and js to remember users dark theme setting [duplicate]

I am making a website for my discord bot ( i made a dark theme feature which will switch the website from light mode to d

Position DT search box to center of table

I am having a hard time figuring out the code to position the search box from a DT table in a Shiny app to the middle. I'm using a DT extension package, called

Inverting the mask property behind an SVG with css [closed]

I have an SVG and using a mask with a background color to show the SVG, Is there any property that i can use to invert the mask? eg. Normally

Pass CSS value with ngStyle

I've got a service sending a value, which I need it to be passed to the CSS file so I can control how much a meter gauge moves. The value is between 0 and 0.5,

Can my symbol be exactly at the middle of mu button?

I have my "+" that is a little bellow the center in my button. How can he be right in the center? Here is my code: Code

CSS - How to have children divs occupying the same vertical space as the text inside of the parent div

I am a beginner to web development and to CSS. I am creating a div that has text content inside of it. I want some of the text, the one that begins with "@", to

Responsive page: simplest method to transform a row into two or three [closed]

I recreate my first Google-homepage and I struggle to allow my footer responsive in two or three rows when the page size change. Currently whe

How to show alert on browser back button click event using jquery

I want to show alert while clicking on the back button in the browser. it only works before clicking on the back button, when you click to somewhere else on the

Button with transparent background and rotating gradient border

What I'm trying to achieve is a button like Once it's done I need to animate on hover. The closest example I could find is this codepen

HTML Javascript image slider - adding slide animation/

I made an image slider that work, but now I'm trying to add an animation effect to it, and I believe JavaScript may be the answer for that. I'm trying to add th

How to center h6 tag inside flex box [duplicate]

I can't center horizontally a h6 (or any) tag inside a flex div. I think I've tried all the CSS approaches align, justify, etc, but nothing wo

A different version of the Japanese flag (the rising sun) using canvas

There are lots of hints on how to create the flag of Japan using only CSS/HTML. It is possible, with canvas to recreate the Rising Sun. It isn't an exact replic

React heroicons icons are always black

I'm using @heroicons/react: ^1.0.5 and I'm trying to style the icons by applying another color. I'm using tailwindcss to manage my CSS. When I declare the follo

How can I change the background color based on a value?

I'm learning React and this question came up. Can I change the background color depending on the variable value that came as a prop? thanks import React from 'r