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CSS files not working in brave browser but works fine with chrome browser

this is how it looks in chrome and this is how it looks on brave I am using the current version of brave browser and to note I have developed this website using

CSS - How can I divide a list <li> in 3 columns using li:nth-child?

There are 6 elements and I want them to be something like that: - First - Third - Fifth - Second - Fourth - Sixth I tried something like this:

How do I center text along an SVG curve?

Is there a way to center the text along a curve in SVG? <svg width="100" height="25" xmlns=""> <defs> <

I have 2 scrolls bar on my page , can't figure out why

I'm creating a website at the moment for quite a long time now. The last thing I did with it was to make it responsive on my second smaller laptop with mediaque

Nuxt & Vuetify: how to control the order in which CSS files are loaded?

In my Nuxt/Vuetify app I'm trying to load my custom CSS after Vuetify's CSS, but Vuetify's CSS gets loaded afterwards no matter what. I tried to reverse the ord

In angular material table , on a button click it should filter data which are older than 3 months

I had angular material table which contain a column that shows data using this I need to filter data which are older than 3 months

Can't center-align image

I'm having problems centering an image between two float-aligned pictures. I can't add margin-left to the image in the middle. I would like it to stay centered

Problem with updating styles in JS for my class

So I have a problem with updating styles in JS for my class. In debug I can see that variables change correctly foreach object as they should, but style changes

How to align a Material UI Button and TextField on the same line, at same height?

I'm trying to get a <Button> from the Material UI library to a) sit at same height as the <TextField> next to it; and b) have it be aligned with tha

How to add Horizontal Scrollbar in a React Bootstrap Table?

I am using React Bootstrap Table and I want to add Horizontal Scrollbar only to the last two columns. Last two columns should be wrapped in a scrollable contai

How to make background-image responsive in Material UI

I'm trying to fix a problem with my background-image when I resize the browser. I have the background-image height on my application set to '100vh' which fills

How to place a circle inside a square box in css?

I have a webpage made in HTML and CSS in which I want to put a circle inside a square box. Here is the fiddle for the webpage. At this moment, I am able to ma

Bootstrap 4 invalid feedback with input group not displaying

I have been looking into Bootstrap 4 - beta, however when using .is-invalid with .input-group it doesn't seem to show up. <link href="

How to align 3 divisions in a row such that the last element is at the middle of the page?

How can I align 3 divs in a row, equally spaced, such that the last (rightmost) element is at the center of the page?

Why is there space between the parallelogram-divs?

I've made a few parallelograms in a row like that, but there is some space between them. I want to remove that space. margin-left: -1px; works, but I'm afraid t

Expanding animation on click

I'm facing a problem right know about css & javascript animations, let me explain, I have two columns with a box of information and a button to "see more" o

How to filter chat on whatsapp web using content script?

I am actually creating a chrome extension which creates some tabs in whatsapp web like all, unread, groups etc. And when we select any of these tabs it will fil

Can't apply overflow in a flexbox [duplicate]

I'm struggling to make overflow-y works within flex. <div class="flex h-full flex-col"> <mark class="bg-red-900 p-2 font-semibold t

Scale current item to 1

I wonder how to scale the current index from 1 to 0.8 when swiping to the next item. I've been building a carousel on how to make the centered item from 1 to 0.

How to morph svg into another svg correctly with Anime.js?

I have a problem where two of my svg have the same number of points, but something isn't right when I play the animation, the two svgs are so close together but