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Why typescript keep giving me No inputs were found in config file error?

Why typescript keep giving me No inputs were found in config file error? When I use tsconfig.json in vscode, but when I try to build it, it gives me a 'No input

Restructuring the object using different name [Object manipulation]

I have a use case where I have to restructure the object. Initial I have this object { name: 'Tommy Kerar', mandatoryRequirements : [{ name:

Error: {"data": "foreach() argument must be of type array|object, string given", "message": "" in React Native

i have to send this Array object to the API when i post the API data it shows me this error: Error: {"data": "foreach() argument must be of type array|object,

PySpark - Convert a heterogeneous array JSON array to Spark dataframe and flatten it

I have streaming data coming in as JSON array and I want flatten it out as a single row in a Spark dataframe using Python. Here is how the JSON data looks like

How to fix missing double quotes issue when parsing JSON data?

I am running a piece of code in Python3 where I am consuming JSON data from the source. I don't have control over the source. While reading the json data I am g

parse libcurl response with nlohmann json or rapidjson

My libcurl code returns me a json string: {"object":"user","attributes":{"id":000,"admin":false,"username":"un","email":"[email protected]","first_name":"leopold

Hibernate createNativeQuery returns duplicate rows

I have 2 database tables Customer and Items with 1 -> many relation. To fetch data from database i am using the following query. select, cust

How to find and replace a part of a value in json file

I have a json file that I am using as a Dictionary in python. The json file is really long with 10k+ records. I need to replace the $home part in the "iscatego

Cannot find a differ supporting object '[object Object]'. NgFor only supports binding to Iterables such as Arrays

here is code i am trying to access object of objects. template <table class="table table-striped"> <tr *ngFor="let response of response"> &

How do I test periodic fetching json in Angular

I want to test periodic(1second) fetching json into components. I made setInterval() function in the component's constructor. That function is to call apicallse

Unable to read json file in angular application using http client in cloud application

I am having issue while reading JSON files in angular application using http client after deployment. FYI, Code is working fine in my local machine and able to

Parsing JSON data and display it as a table

How do I to get the first timestamp value off of the first row using C# and Newtonsoft.Json? How do I display this data in a table with headers beaId, bfiId, ti

How do I serialize non-ascii characters in pykafka?

I have a defauldict I want to serialize as json. But some characters then replaced with unicode escaped charasters. For example, if I have string "International

Is there a way to Hot Reload my Vue Page after changing an Environment Variable in VueJS?

I want to have different modes for my application, so I created different .env files to store my environment variables. Using these variables works fine, the on

How can I optimize this Powershell script, converting JSON to CSV?

I have a very large JSON Lines File with 4.000.000 Rows, and I need to convert several events from every row. The resulted CSV File contains 15.000.000 rows. Ho

Create json from shell script output

I have a shell script in which i have code like. #!/bin/sh data = `lsb_release -a` echo $data it returned me the output like: Distributor ID: Ubuntu

JOLT split flat object into key/value array

I'd like to split simple flat object into array, so each key/value appear as array element. Example: Input { "FIRST_NAME": "John", "LAST_NAME": "Doe" }

How can I deserialize a type where all the fields are default values as a None instead?

I have to deserialize JSON blobs where in some places the absence of an entire object is encoded as an object with the same structure but all of its fields set

how do I use for loop inside script tag in ejs

I try to draw chart, using chart.js. To get my data, I try to use ejs tags for example, in ejs I input html like this, and it works well. <p>date

Javascript exiting normal execution order

So I will attach my simplified code. So when the page load the debugger follow the expected row order: 27->9->10 When I click on topNewsButton, the execut