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how to convert telethon object to valid JSON in python

I using telethon package, for connecting and getting data from telegram. I want to convert Message object to valid JSON. for example, I get this object from the

Asserting Rest Assured response with Json Unit

I'm currently using rest assured and Json-unit to assert a local json file against the requested rest assured response. I currently have a before class method

Flutter Convert Future<object> to Map<String, dynamic> [duplicate]

I need to make HTTP Post JSON request but first i need to Get 3 different JSONs and make 1 of them. I thought better way to do this is to work

Efficient way to unnest (explode) multiple list columns in a pandas DataFrame

I am reading multiple JSON objects into one DataFrame. The problem is that some of the columns are lists. Also, the data is very big and because of that I canno

How do I group values to an array for the same field value in jq?

I have json data that looks like [ { "session": "ffe887f3f150", "src_ip": "" }, { "session": "fff42102e329", "src_ip": "143.19

Excel Power Query Number to Text

I'm trying to parse a json file but the file is set up in a strange way that excel is having problems deciphering. Please see code example below. "in_network":

SQL - UTF-8 to varchar/nvarchar Encoding issue

Problem background - I am receiving response data from a website, formatted in json and UTF-8 encoded. A body attribute of json has values in a base64binary typ

Remove new lines from JSON

Consider I have the following string: { "{\n <<<-- error \"SomeKey\": {\n \"somevalue\": \"test\",\n, \"AnotherKey\": \"Long string shou

get multiple checkbox value as an array in angular

i'm trying to get values from multiple checkbox here i try this approach but didn't with for me https://stackblit

import json file in react, webpack config error

I am trying to import a json file into my code. The js file for the same is import React from 'react'; import ReactDom from 'react-dom' ; import $ from 'jquery

Laravel $request->expectsJson()

I am doing an Ajax login for my Laravel application. I am using Angular: $http({ method: 'POST', url: '/admin/login', headers: { 'Content-Type': '

Unable to create same parameter value twice in json array

In this code, I am trying to creating something like this- public String KLYA_JSON_LookUp_MultiNode(String KLYA_To,String KLYA_DLRURL,String KLYA_To2) {

Getting "json.hpp: No such file or directory" error despite having json.hpp in the same folder as main.cpp

I'm trying to integrate the json c++ library from nlohmann, while simply copying the 'single_include' file to the same directory as my main.cpp file. As per the

Azure ARM Template - Create KeyVault Secrets in Keyvault in different Resource Group

I am deploying a Virtual Machine in Azure. The Username and Password are created automatically and passed as parameters at deployment. The resource group where

How to append json array using jq+shell in a loop?

I can create a json object with an array using jq like this echo '{"input":{"names":[]}}' | jq --arg val "alice" '.input.names[0] += $val'| jq --arg val "bob"

POST request can't pass body data from python

i am trying to post a request with body to flask REST-api but it doesn't work (Error Response 500), but when i am trying to post it from POSTMAN it works. bod

How to get relationship data with spring boot rest api?

I'm building a REST API with Spring Boot to retrieve boat information. I'm using Spring Data Rest and Spring Data JPA. When I get the data from the API, I don't

implement CRUD functionality with static data using JSON in core api project

How to do Crud operation on a locally stored json file? For example, I have id, name and roll number. I want to do get, post, put and delete in it using

Updating multiple values of different keys in map using java

I have converted a JSON file to a map and I need to modify multiple values of different keys at once using JAVA. Following is the map converted JSON file: {

Javascript Autocomplete doesn't clear suggestion with no input

I watched a tutorial on how to use Javascript with Autocomplete using a JSON file and Fetch. Everything works fine; except for the following: If I clear the inp