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What is use of the annotation @JsonIgnore?

I'm joining tables with one to many cardinality, the classes I'm using refer to each other. And I'm using @JsonIgnore annotation with out understanding it deepl

How to save JSON parsing values to an array in ArduinoJson

Arduino users, help pls! Hi guys! For example, I have a JSON document for parsing ArduinoJson: { "id": [ 1, 7, 32, 9656 ] } I need to save

Formatting DateTime in ASP.NET Core 3.0 using System.Text.Json

I am migrating a web API from .NET Core 2.2 to 3.0 and want to use the new System.Text.Json. When using Newtonsoft I was able to format DateTime using the code

How to find position in large JSON file

I have a very large JSON file that I am trying to parse through with Eclipse. Unfortunately, I keep getting the error of: Unexpected token LEFT BRACE({) at po

Error on trying to jsonDecode String in Flutter application

When I try to decode a json String: [{"device-mac":"C9BF2EB47C17","on":true}] with the following function the error: I/flutter ( 8954): type 'List' is not a su

Simple java questionnaire using json

I made a simple questionnaire. I need to write the responses to a JSON file. How to do it? I use IDEA Intellij and library GSON for work with JSON. This is main

Transfer data between JavaScript and PHP through JSON

index.html: <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge"> <meta name="viewport" content="

Json scraping options VBA

i am trying to scrape date from using Json parser with the following code. the code does not howev

T-SQL - search in filtered JSON array

SQL Server 2017. Table OrderData has column DataProperties where JSON is stored. JSON example stored there: { "Input": { "OrderId": "abc", "Data": [

How to take the dict into .txt file, when my keys are tuple? [duplicate]

How to take the dict into .txt file, when my keys are tuple? When my keys are int, it can run successfully. But when the keys are tuple, it fa

how to check if tags exists - azure policy

I'm trying to check if the tags do not exist in a resource. the tags are inserted from an array parameter named ExcludeTags, in the following format: Key;Value,

Problem: ParserError: Syntax Error at line: 1, column 32

I am new to programming and I am with this problem. When I put in the Terminal "npm run build" to create the compression of my project in React.js I have this e

Given a Cerberus JSON Schema file, how can I generate a dictionary object

Problem I have a Cerberus Json schema file and I need to generate Json files based on the schemas with default values given the data_types. The key _type in th

What is the package.json file?

As a new Developer I'd like more information about json file. I know that The this file is the heart of a Node.js system. This file holds the metadata for a par

use sed to replace version number in a package.json file

This is a part of my package.json file { "name": "org-team-module", "version": "1.1.0-snapshot", "description": "Some description", "scripts": {

JSON: Trouble editing a JSON file in Python

What I want to do is remove the array containing "Nike" under the "Shoe" variable. Here is the Json file: { "Shoes/Colorways": [ { "

How to make GSON fail on unknown properties

I need GSON mapper to throw an exception if json contains unknown fields. For example if we have POJO like public class MyClass { String name; } and json l

ODataQueryOptions do not response the property which is my custom class

I have an entity like this public class MyDto { public string string1; public string string2; public MyCustomClass myCustomClass; } I have two cont

How to replace text for some properties using jolt

I'm using jolt in order to do some transformations, I've been able to do that but I'm having some issues trying to replace some text in some properties of my JS

json.dumps on dictionary with bytes for keys

Trying to convert dictionary object with keys of type bytes to json using json.dumps(). Format of dictionary object is not known beforehand. Have found solution