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Performance issues when iterating numpy array

I have a 3D array of image such as [ [ [225, 0, 0], [225, 225, 0], ... ], [ [225, 0, 0], [225, 225, 0],

git - Push to all branch but only have same code? with follow up question

Did git can push to all branch but Only have same code? I mean if i have 3 branch like ver_light, ver_medium, and ver_heavy. = ver_light \controller\a \control

JS How can I increase the performance of this Max/Min coding challenge?

I'm trying to solve some '' coding challenges. I'm stuck on this one: You will be given an array of integers arr and a single integer k. You must

Simple practical example to see faster async functions and promises from node 10 to node 12, and up

Before I ask my question I want to make this clearly, I know benchmarks never tell the whole story. But my goal here is relatively simple, I want to see the per

Does length of CSS code determine the loading speed of website? [duplicate]

I am beginner. I want to know, Does length of CSS code determine the loading speed of website?? Please tell me about relation of code and load

Find e-mail by body and sender

I am trying find e-mail that matches body text and sender. Each day I check if 300/400 emails were already sent. I need to iterate through more than 4500 emai

Catboost overfits training data but test performance increases

I'm training catboost on a dataset made of 41k observations and ~60 features. The dataset is a longitudinal series (9 years) that is spatially distributed. At t

VS profiler, source information not available

I'm trying to use visual studio performance profiler for the first time and I'm interested in a specific function of mine which is successfully detected by the

Azure Durable Function: Fan Out vs. Parallel.ForEachAsync

I have to run a function on a list of items. I'm using Azure Durable Functions, and can run the items in parallel using their fan out/fan in strategy. However,

How to increase speed of video playback within Python using openCV [duplicate]

I am writing a program that draws a line on a video where the first pixels of the railing are encountered, my problem is that the video playba

SQL How to get categories that don't contain products?

SELECT DISTINCT {} FROM {BrandCategory AS c JOIN CategoryProductRelation AS c2p ON {} = {c2p.source} JOIN Product AS p

How to add Infrastructure Agent to Heroku applications

I am attempting to have the New Relic Infrastructure Agent monitor my heroku applications. The documentation says to run the following: docker run \ -d \ --name

Using one loop vs two loops

I was reading this blog :- And I decided to check it out using C++ and Xcode. So, I

Does the CSS position relative have a performance impact on DOM rendering?

I have a habit of setting position: relative on most of my DOM elements when I apply a display style. .something { display: block; position: relative;

Zabbix Performance tunning (with Proxies)

We setup a distributed monitoring cluster with one Zabbix (3.4.7) Server and 8 Proxies: Zabbix: OS: Debian Stretch CPU: 16*2.27GHz RAM: 48GB Disk: Raid1 10K (No

Why does Javascript `` return an object?

Help! I'm learning to love Javascript after programming in C# for quite a while but I'm stuck learning to love the iterable protocol! Why did Javascript adopt

Is there a faster way of using NOT LIKE for a long list of search terms instead of {AND "Column" NOT LIKE '%word1%'} etc, in an SQL Query?

So I'm trying to exclude a bunch of different entries with specific words from my query and I was wondering if there was a more efficient/faster way of doing th

Find Top-K Smallest Values So Far in Data Stream

Let's say that I have a data stream where single data point is retrieved at a time: import numpy as np def next_data_point(): """ Mock a data stream. Da

Can I measure my users' internet speed in my react web app?

I built a small react web app and I'm noticing that some users are dropping off constantly. I know that appears to measure web speed by having the cli

Query-selecting elements from multiple elements, efficiently

Say you have an array of elements and you want to get all the <p> belonging to the elements in the array. I can see two possibilities: Run Element.querySe