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Runtime.HandlerNotFound aws lambda node.js

"errorType": "Runtime.HandlerNotFound", "errorMessage": "index.handler is undefined or not exported", "trace": [ "Runtime.HandlerNotFound: index.handler is

Enable/Disable or delete aws lambda trigger on s3:Objectcreated.* using python

I have a lambda function that triggers when any new objectCreated(s3:Objectcreated.*) in a Bucket A-prod, This lambda process the file saves the result in B-pro

How to read log file from s3 (cloudtrail) in Lambda function

I have just started using aws and have no idea on how to read log files in lambda from s3 that have been created by CloudTrail (using python-boto3)

AWS Lambda running tensorflow packages exceed limit 250 MB

I need to do a segmentation prediction for a tensorflow-keras model. My idea was to upload an image into an S3 bucket, and with the AWS Lambda service, trigger

"status": 500, "message": "Error TypeError: Cannot read property 'catch' of undefined"

This question is resolved by Adding await before client.messages.create I am trying to send a WhatsApp message using Twilio. the following is the Code const acc

Does anyone know why I'am getting error during amplify init ? I checked the memory is not full?

ec2-user:~/environment/wild-rydes (master) $ amplify init Downloading release from node:i

How to get path parameter in spring cloud function

I have a java application written using spring-cloud-functions and deployed in aws lambda which connects to aws api-gateway I have a 'GET' api(let's say /employ

Parameter Store request timing out inside of AWS Lambda

I'm attempting to access the AWS SSM Parameter store, like this article does. I have tested the lambda function locally and it works as expected. When pushed to

AWS Lamda Error: Parsing error: Unexpected token client

First-time Lambda user I'm trying to get an IOT device payload from IOT Core to a GraphQL endpoint by using an 'Act' with a Lambda function on IOT Core. I fou

Error message: "'NoneType' object is not callable". - received from zappa deployed django application on AWS Lambda

I'm running into an error after deploying my django app to lambda using zappa. This is the error: {'message': 'An uncaught exception happened while servicing th

problem sending email using sendgrid with serverless-http

when trying to send email by sendgrid the lambda does not show log and ends up giving timeout. I've tried putting it inside a promise, but it didn't help. The i

Quicksight: Authenticating individual users

I was going through the amazon quicksight documentation for embedding analytics into my application. Is it really required to have more than one user/reader in

Lambda fails to publish to SNS topic sometimes

My AWS Lambda fails to publish messages to an AWS SNS topic every now and then. 2020-03-09T08:02:42.520Z Could not publish on sns with error: NetworkingError:

Does local node version affect the cdk command for aws?

I was wondering if I have node version 16 on my computer and if I develop my aws lambda locally with cdk and specified the runtime as NODEJS_14, will it still w

How to do Parameter Validation while using aws-sdk-mock

I am using aws-sdk-mock with Jest for testing AWS Lamda. My lambda uses AWS Polly Service to convert text to speech. Following is the piece of code which I want

Difference between SAM template and Cloudformation template

I'm finding it hard to understand the difference between SAM template and Cloudformation template. I know that SAM template can be used to define Serverless App

AWS Lambda upload by zip file not working

When I try to upload new version to a function in AWS Lambda, the option to upload a zip file is not allowed. (See the picture bellow) It used to be able to ch

DynamoDb delete with sort key

I have fields below in dynamo dB table event_on -- string type user_id -- number type event name -- string type Since this table may have multiple records for

504 Error for distribution and Route53 Domain

I'm trying to setup a static S3 website to be reachable via my custom domain, but when I've tested my cloudfront URL I'm getting 504 Error and in the logs, I se

How to get and use confirmation 'yes' or 'no' for Alexa skill intent response

I am developing a Alexa skill in which on launch it will ask Do you want to perform something ? Depending upon user's reply 'yes' or 'no' I want to launch anoth