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Hot Deploy Does Not Work For Java Class File Edits On Weblogic 12c

I'm using Intellij Community edition I don't have the luxurary of using the Ultimate edition; Hence, I can't install the weblogic plugin. When I make edits to a

How to smooth the curve?

I am using the following code to draw a curve from my two column Raw data ( x=time , y=|float data|).The graph it is plotting is a rough edge graph. Is it possi

Convert async function consul.kv.get to sync function with deasync

I am trying to convert an async function consul.kv.get to a sync version of the same function. Searching led me to deasync and it's documentation suggests I sho

Laravel passport get token from database

I am using a Laravel version 5.5 and using Passport for authentication. I have created token using: $token = $user->createToken('string')->accessToken;

How to trigger Vue Apollo Query update when skip is true?

if anyone of you using Vue Apollo please help, if I do something like this, export default { apollo: { statsAndProfile: { query: STATS_A

Big Query - Table 'Copy' from Console Not working, But the same works fine from bq CLI

Across project level when trying to Copying the tables in big query, it works fine using bq CLI but not from Console. Big Query --> Project:Dataset.tableXYZ

JavaFX thread should wait for background thread but without freezing the UI (JavaFX)

I want my main thread to wait until the background thread completes. But, this makes my UI freeze. I want to achieve this without freezing my UI. Please help me

Convert @ sign from byte in GSM 7-bit encoding to Java text

I have given a byte array [97, 98, 0, 99, 100] which is GSM 7-Bit encoded. This should be converted into ab@cd. When I tried to append this given array into a

Jupyter notebook not opening in VS Code

While setting up my new system, I am trying to run my notebook file on VS Code but as soon as I open VS Code it give me this error Failed to detect Jupyter Note

Few cases are not getting created in Email-To-Case(With attachment)

I sent an email with an attachment from my mail(outlook and Gmail) account to the email address which is routed in my org and the case(with attachment) got crea

Android Studio - ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2 not found?

I am trying to unit test my MainActivty. My project cannot find ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2 and android.test package. I changed the target SDK to 27 to see

Truecaller like alert dialog in dart

I am trying to implement a true caller like alert dialog in flutter. Since I am very new to flutter+dart, I was looking for any out of the box implementation. S

Inject cronjob once namespace created

This mainly for GKE cluster with preemptible nodes. Google Cloud would shutdown any node without warning, which leaves lots of pods with Terminated and / or Nod

How to calculate from a date to another date?

I am creating a workday calendar which calculates which date the workday ends. I have a code that sets daily worktime from e.g 8:00-16:00 (workDayStartStop). An

How to put a foreign key in knex migration?

I'm trying to put a foreign key in knex migration. "age_group_id"(primary key of the "agegroups" table) is the foreign key of the "users" table. So, I have put

how to make custom form without database - DJANGO

So i want to upload file but only sent to locals storage NOT DATABASE too. But i don't know how to make custom forms. suddenly, here's my : from djang

domain won't redirect with HTTPS

I'm trying to set up a 301 redirect from to is already correctly set up to redirect HTTP to HTTPS (using GitHub Page's "E

How do multiple buffers for attributes work in openGL (ES) shaders and C++ api

I have the proverbial cube sample and have been writing some code to test it all and learn more about shaders. My question is about how multiple buffers are ass

Segmentation fault (core dumped) in image pyramid construction

I am looking at the source code of orb-slam2. I see that the source code of feature extraction written by the author contains a piece of code for building an im

joining dotted line by interpolation in an image

I have this image as shown below. It is a binary mask I created this image using the below code. Basically I got the x_idx, y_idx for just those white pixels,

SwiftUI: How to force a specific view in an HStack to be in the centre

Given an HStack like the following: HStack{ Text("View1") Text("Centre") Text("View2") Text("View3")

Mapstruct: Check for null for source before mapping to target

Mapstruct: Check for null for source before mapping to target. Require to throw a custom exception from mapstruct interface if the source is null.

Error when trying to create a model in PowerDesigner through Java

The actual code package OOM.src.createOOM; import org.eclipse.swt.internal.ole.win32.COM; import com.sybase.stf.powerdesigner.PdCommon.*; import com.sybase.stf

angular 13 form validation dynamic input textbox show error on touch

angular 13 form validation dynamic input textbox validation I'm adding input text boxes dynamically. But form validations are showing by default when I click ad

Android studio Composable Preview Render problem

I am having this issue When previewing composable from file. This is the code I made in other kotlin file. package com.example.movieapp.screens.home.details im

how to use ILogger when using global ActionFilter

i have an action filter where i am trying to log name of action that system enters and left. public class LogFilter : IAsyncActionFilter {

numba cuda does not produce correct result with += (gpu reduction needed?)

I am using numba cuda to calculate a function. The code is simply to add up all the values into one result, but numba cuda gives me a different result from nu

How to handle permissions for route from database?

In Vue, when I want to restrict some pages for some users, in router I define a permission in meta, like this: routes: [ { path: 'transport',

How do I Display Two Continous Data Stream into OpenCV.imshow()?

I have this project that combines two data from two different sensors, a TFLuna LiDAR and a Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2, for an Object Detection self driving

Converting an uint8_t[] to an IP address string [duplicate]

I am currently learning C. My ecosystem consists of an Espressif ESP-32 micro controller and Eclipse CDT IDE. I am trying to convert an uint