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Rank actors with movies released in India based on their average ratings. Which actor is at the top of the list?

-- Note: The actor should have acted in at least five Indian movies. -- (Hint: You should use the weighted average based on votes. If the ratings clash, then t

This package does not have flutter_web_plugins in the `dependencies` section of `pubspec.yaml`

When publishing my package after adding web support i got this error Package validation found the following error: * line 9, column 1 of lib/hexcolor_web.dart:

Xamarin.Forms MSAL authentication java.exe exited with code 1

<activity android:name="microsoft.identity.client.BrowserTabActivity"> <intent-filter> <action android:name="android.

Trigger the remove() of an event outside of fullcalendar declaration

I'm working on a Filemaker webviewer and it display a calendar that is generated using Fullcalendar library in js. My issue is when I drag & drop an event i

Write JSdoc for generic function in typescript

I've distilled an essence of my problem with following codes: full source I have Base class, and Derived, Derived2: class Base { static get type() {

How can I change accounts when I am trying to open up a restricted Google Form?

My web browser is logged into multiple Google accounts and I have a restricted Google Form URL like this that I need to open with a specific account. https://do

how do i call a function in my program from a shared library [closed]

i would like to call a function inside my main program from a shared library at runtime without dropping performance main program: using names

create-react-app shows an error of "You need to enable JavaScript to run this app."

I use express for my API. I have a folder named app and another folder named server. app is the client app, using create-react-app as boilerplate, while server

How can I call a function from a method of the same name?

I want to have a print method in my class, also I want to be able to use print inside it example: class A { String val; void print() { print(val); } }

Looping an entire p5js script

I was wondering if it is possible to run the following code on the p5js web editor or within VS code multiple times and change the parameters a, b, A, B, H from

In SPFA Shortest Path Faster Algorithm why does it have to check if current vertex is in queue before adding it to queue?

procedure Shortest-Path-Faster-Algorithm(G, s) 1 for each vertex v ≠ s in V(G) 2 d(v) := ∞ 3 d(s) := 0 4 push s into Q 5 w

Set Sample rate to 16 kHz using NAudio

I am currently working on a side project that will record a soundtrack using NAudio. The code below does the job, and works well. However, the default sample r

Nodemailer says message sent and accepted, but the email was never sent // Process never completes

I am testing the ability for Nodemailer to send a test email to my personal email address. I used some of the sample code on Nodemailer's site to keep things si

Too bright scene when using HDRP in Unity [closed]

Strong glow on stage in unity hdrp, how to remove it?

Python Selenium - Can't Click on Button

All I am trying to do is select the drop down & then select "Export Excel Spread Sheet". Example of Drop Down Code: from selenium import webdriver from sele

How to get a Task's "Unique ID" from a Project Web App via REST?

I'm a fairly experienced SharePoint developer, but brand new to MS Project and Project Server / PWA. In MS Project Pro, there is a column called "Unique ID" th

Creating tooltip using callback for dash DataTable

I am trying to create tooltip for a dash data_table using callback. But my multiple attempts are unsuccessful. I have seen examples where tooltip is create by r

how to create a cron expression for every 2 weeks

Here is cron expression I tried 0 0 0 */14 * ? it is giving following schedules Start Time:- Friday, September 8, 2017 1:25 AM Next Scheduled :- 1. Friday,

How does this function that takes in a RequestHandler in express work?

I was browsing through some code examples for Express server on GitHub and came across this function used to wrap around REST API controllers and was confused h

Upload image to a nodeJs server using react-native

I want to upload an image from react-native (cli without expo) to a node server, i tried using axios with formData filed is not recognised by multer, then i tri

AnimatedContainer with Column child

I would like to animate the child height of an AnimatedContainer where the child is a Column widget. While I can animate the Column, the Column's children are a

javax validation OneOf constraint

Is there an annotation in javax validation, so it should constraint that value is one of predefined values. Example @OneOf(values = "12-14m, 16m, 18m") private

Variable not becoming a series of values. Why?

I created this script to detect Swing Highs and Lows and then to determine the High and Low values of these Swings. The code works for the last bar, but I wou

ESC / POS - How to print images with secondary font?

I am using this sample for printing images (with the correct 8 bits shift): Print bitmap full page width in thermal dot printer using ESC/POS in java When I s

How to load an immediate number to a register in RV32I Base Instruction Set?

Recently, I am working on RV32I base instruction set, and I did not find any instruction looks like LD r1, imm. Thus, I am wondering how assembly programer load

Get NGINX ip address in docker in Django for Django-debug-toolbar

I have a dockerized DRF project with installed NGINX in it. All works fine except one thing: Django debug toolbar requires INTERNAL_IPS parameter to be specifie

nginx 431 Request Header Fields Too Large

Recently, the size of data in our cookies has become larger, and all of the requests that go through nginx started getting rejected with 431 error responses. I

UsageError: Line magic function `%%bigquery` not found

I am very new to Big query. I am trying to load data from a Big query table to pandas dataframe. I followed the syntax given in the documentation here. Unfortun

Pass parameter to Partial View in ASP.NET Core

On an ASP.NET Core 2.0 application I need to render a partial view and pass a few parameters: @Html.Partial("Form", new { File = "file.pdf" }) On the partial

Global variable in Kotlin (android studio) initialized in one activity remains at initialized value in other activities

I would like to implement a global variable that updates its value when going from one activity to another (and back). To explain in better detail, let's say my