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python zlib.error: Error -3 while decompressing data: too many length or distance symbols

I want to decompress a huge gz file (wikidata json dump latest-all.json.gz , 104GB compressed) on the fly in python with It works fine for a while. H

ngrok tcp address cant connect to my python chat app (python3)

Q: "ngrok tcp address cant connect to my python chat app (python3)" Description: i got a problem with linking my ngrok tcp address into my python chat app and i

Message bus and Message queue understanding

I would like to know if my understanding of Message Bus and Message Queue workings is correct. First thing first, I need to clear the naming, a service bus is

spring boot cloud eurka windows 10 eurkea returns host.docker.internal for client host name after latest docker upgrade

Spring Boot Cloud Disovery Question, Problem with Eureka hostname after docker upgrade on windows 10. (Note: docker is not hosting spring services, just maria

`new NativeEventEmitter()` requires a non-null argument

I am facing this problem: new NativeEventEmitter() requires a non-null argument I am working on Expo GO (version Expo: 45.0.0) on IOS. The problem is when I i

`new NativeEventEmitter()` requires a non-null argument

I am facing this problem: new NativeEventEmitter() requires a non-null argument I am working on Expo GO (version Expo: 45.0.0) on IOS. The problem is when I i

windicss classes doesn't work in Nuxt App

I got some issues with windicss. Classes don't apply on elements. I've tried to install an older version of windi and it still doesn't work. I've even tried to

text() method not available in Blob

I am doing some Integration tests with jest & nock to test Axios interceptors chaining. In one of them, I am expecting to receive a Blob instance and accord

Web3.js 1.2 invocation smart contract method and can not return correct result

When I invoke the smart contract deployed, I don't get the correct result! I have googled, but can not fine any help. Here is my contract: pragma solidity >=

Best practices for handling UIState in StimulusJS

Just starting off with StimulusJS and trying to follow best practices. As I come from VueJs/Nuxt, state management and communication between components is quite

How to initialize a Pydantic object from field values given by position instead of name?

I am not able to find a simple way how to initialize a Pydantic object from field values given by position (for example in a list instead of a dictionary) so I

Score in Unity game only increases by 1 and then stops

I am trying to create a score in unity where if you collect coins (in my case shells) the score goes up by 1 each time, however, the score increases by 1 and th

Custom RSpec argument matcher spec output

I am trying to get a good output for a custom matcher I wrote: RSpec::Matchers.define :scope_limited_to do |expected| match do |actual| @actual = actual.l

React(Next.js) conditionally render only once

I wanted to create a welcome page that disappears after some seconds, and I've found on youtube a video that did something similar, but it's more like a loader.

How to use c++20 modules with CMake?

Clang and MSVC already supports Modules TS from unfinished C++20 standard. Can I build my modules based project with CMake or other build system and how? I tri

Solve linear Inequalities

I want to solve a system of inequalities A x <= b, namely to visualize the set of solutions of this system. Are there any ways to do this in Python? The solu

Problem with SOGo theme background isn't getting applied to md-dialog and md-card

I made a theme for SOGo ( everything works except md-dialog and md-card Does anyone know why the background color doesn't a

pandas, creating dataframes based on tuple

I have a tuple that has data for several categories. Now I want to extract small dataframes from this tuple for each category based on a list I created. I want

SwiftUI: How to pop to Root view

Finally now with Beta 5 we can programmatically pop to a parent View. However, there are several places in my App where a View has a "Save" button that conclude

How to increase slider track width in flutter

In SliderThemeData trackheight is given but I want to increase the track's width. Here is my current code: SliderTheme( data: SliderThemeData( tra

How to write a multiline `do` block with the `do:` atom syntax?

For example, how would this module definition look like on one line? defmodule Lofa do def miez do IO.puts("hello") a = 27 IO.puts("bye") a

What is the difference between maven compiler plugin and maven toolchains plugin?

I had to integrate some legacy code into my maven build, so I used the maven-recommended toolchains plugin to change the java version: <plugin> <gr

assertj recursive comparison ignoring regex failing after upgrade from 3.18.1 to 3.21.0

I have updated my springboot , along with that my assertj also seems to have upgraded. Now the test which was initially working in the older version is failing.

JsException(TypeError: Failed to fetch)

When I try to import a pyscript source code to my HTML it shows a "JsException(TypeError: Failed to fetch)" error. print("Hello World") testPyscri

Find separate REST API Key & MAP SDK Key for Android - mapmyindia API

On the mapmyindia (map my India) API console, under "Credentials" tab of the Default Project, a default (and single) key is present "REST / Map SDK Key". In the

How to plot correlation matrix/heatmap with categorical and numerical variables

I have 4 variables of which 2 variables are nominal (dtype=object) and 2 are numeric(dtypes=int and float). df.head(1) OUT: OS_type|Week_day|clicks|avg_app_s

Problem: ParserError: Syntax Error at line: 1, column 32

I am new to programming and I am with this problem. When I put in the Terminal "npm run build" to create the compression of my project in React.js I have this e

Display different language text in <noscript> tag, depending on browser language

I'm new to HTML, and I want to display a message when JavaScript is disabled. So I put the message inside <noscript> tag, which works fine. <noscript&g

Spark: unable to load native-hadoop library for platform

I am trying to start with Spark. I have Hadoop (3.3.1) and Spark (3.2.2) in my library. I have set the SPARK_HOME, PATH, HADOOP_HOME and LD_LIBRARY_PATH to thei