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php Blob url to directory

throught ajax send a blob url var blob = new Blob([content], { type: 'text/html; charset=utf-8' }); var urlBlob = URL.createObjectURL(blob); $.ajax({ url:

How to test a real ECU via CANoe

I am new with CANoe, and now I am trying to test a real ECU by sending diagnostic requests to it and get response from the ECU via CANoe. I use VN5610A and CANo

SwiftUI: observe @Environment property changes

I was trying to use the SwiftUI @Environment property wrapper, but I can't manage to make it work as I expected. Please, help me understanding what I'm doing wr

Deadlock on Select from table-valued parameter

I have this piece of code which acquires connection from EF Core DB context and executes select on the received data. var conn = _dbContext.Database.GetDbConnec

Error deploying the apache:superset image on Kubernetes

I am trying to deploy the latest docker image apache:superset on Kubernetes. When I deploy the YAML I get below error: [2021-04-29 01:34:10 +0000] [8] [INFO] St

How can I add a demo app target to a Swift Package?

I'm looking to include a demo app with a Swift Package of custom controls that shows implementation demos for each of the controls. Is there a way that I can in

Deploying Hugo onto staging website from feature branch

I was wondering whether there are folks out there who have found a proper solution for the following... We have a Hugo static website for which the code resides

Unexpected behavior with n_distinct inside pipe

I am trying to use the n_distinct function from dplyr inside a pipe in a function and am finding it to be sensitive to my choice of syntax in a way I didn't exp

VSCode folder structure

I want to change the folder structure.. if you see in the folder "utils" i have another folder called "mocks" well.. what i want is change the structure to se

user-data shell is not executed when an EC2 instance launched by ASG/Launch Configuration with custom AMI

I have a set of Auto scaling group and launch configuration to manage certain EC2 instances. After changing the AMI to a custom AMI, the user data script that I

Unable to set up backend for In app purchases

I have written the cloud functions as per this In the section 10, to verify the purc

Near balances dashboard

I just want to get dashboard with amount of users balances from 0 to 100N and from 100N to 1000N. I’m sitting on macOS High Sierra and my laptop is old, s

Trying to use Electron Forge to build app for Raspberry Pi Zero

I'm developing a small, simple app on a Mac based device and have installed the Electron Forge CLI, I'm running the make command and then the package command wh

Set gas limit on contract method in ethers.js

Problem I am trying so use a method of a contract in the testnetwork (ropsten), but it fails due to this error: reason: 'cannot estimate gas; transaction may f

Hadoop Streaming Job showing error /bin/java : No such file or directory

I have installed Hadoop in my Macbook M1 2020 with MacOS Monterey 12.3.1. I am able to successfully use hadoop and hdfs commands in my Laptop. I started using h

Unhandled exception rendering component: '<' is an invalid start of a value for Blazor WASM

I have an API endpoint which allows anonymous. I have confirmed in Postman it is working for anonymous and authenticated users and returning proper JSON. Becaus

How to create schedule for the Update Manatement in Azure Automatiuon usin terraform

I'm trying to automate the update manager in Azure Automation using Terraform, but I can't find the information regarding the following 2 points: Schedule creat

D365 Ribbon Workbench subgrid button not visible

I have a D365 form with two subgrids. I have to add a button on one of the subgrid. I'm trying to achieve this using ribbon workbench, but facing issues. Issue

Flush local disk of Google Colab to Google Drive

I am downloading a 350 GB dataset to Google Drive by setting my current working directory to a folder on Google Drive in Google Colab, and using the curl comman

Cannot upload file to Error: could no save metadata is a service that you can upload files by curl. I'm getting this error when I try to upload some file: $ curl --upload-file file -s -w "\n" https:/

Does strict mode work differently with React 18?

Consider the snippets below. With React 18, count gets printed twice to the console on every render but with React 17 it gets printed only once. React 18 Exampl

rasterio.plot.show_hist - How to change / modify x_label, y_label?

By default, rasterio.plot.show_hist(...) sets the histogram title to "Histogram", x_label to "DN" (for Digital Number) and y_label to "Frequency". There is a pa

Batchnormalize, Dropout and number of layers

I'm learning batchnormalisation and dropout. Saw this The model model = keras.Sequential([

Flip box image not displaying correctly when responsive

I am using Vue (not that it matters as this is a CSS issue I'm sure). I have 3 flip boxes, taken mostly from the w3schools instructions at https://www.w3schools

why does malloc not taking in the full text? [duplicate]

Why is it when I try to take in a text in the variable is does not store in the full sentence. The malloc seems to not allocate enough memory

Add Stripe Credit Card without Payment in SwiftUI

I am struggling to find a solution that isn't UIKit, or one that requires you make a purchase. My project is trying to integrate Stripe in SwiftUI, using node.j

What is the correct type for React Click Event?

I want to use a type for my event handler instead of using type any, Can anyone help me with this,please? here is the code I'm trying to refactor: const MyComp

MatTabGroup is not reliably showing pagination buttons

I am having an issue with the Angular Material Tabs component. I am trying to use the MatTabGroup with a handful of tabs in it. The problem is, when my componen

How should I add an id attribute using Javascript?

I attempted to create a button id when I clicked on using Javascript. Here's something from my code. <div class="DivButton" style="" onclick="divClick()">

Django Rest Framework gives 302 in Unit tests when force_login() on detail view?

I'm using Django Rest Framework to serve an API. I've got a couple tests which work great. To do a post the user needs to be logged in and I also do some checks