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ASP.NET Core form ignoring asp-controller

I'm working on an ASP.NET Core application. Part of it is an image gallery which allows the user to upload images. On localhost this works as expected, but when

Okay to Paste-in Package-Lock.json from 19 Hours Ago to Fix "ValidationError: Progress Plugin Invalid Options" (Vue 3)?

I'm using Vue 3 and I pushed a version of my project that was working well to GitHub 19 hours ago. About 5 hours later, the problem below occurred when I entere

How to find the selected id in my List<String> ids arraylist?

Here is my code. I am trying to use JUnit to test the deleteUsers() method, but everytime I write my test, it deletes all the users that I have in the database.

React Native HTML - rendering a linear background gradient

I’m currently HTML overflowing height: 300 a box, where React Native HTML is used. (this package:

How to I make my AI algorithm play 9 board tic-tac-toe?

In order to make it easy for others to help me I have put all the codes here it will starts as 2 agents compete each other. I'm t

Tarantool Error - Procedure '' is not defined

I'm trying to initialize a router and I get this error. Procedure '' is not defined All respose: response screen shote I also do

How to resolve class file for not found

I am Trying to upload JSON data to gcs. As I did not use google cloud previously I started with uploading random String to gcs but I got stuck at the beginning

Deadlock in book <The Go Programming Language>, how it would happen and why it happen?

There are several times in this book talk about deadlock regarding to incorrect usage of goroutine and channel, and I failed to grasp why the deadlock happen. F

extract only sort function from code block

I am using the following bookmarklet to sort textarea ascending or descending. It is working as expected. But I do not need descending sort option and there is

Unable to run anipose due to ImportError: cannot import name 'keras_export' from 'tensorflow.python.util.tf_export'

I've been attempting to install and run anipose in Ubuntu 18.04 I keep getting the same import error though I've made sure keras is installed. I've also searche

Is there an equivalent of verifyZeroInteractions() for verifying an exact number of interaction with a mock object?

I would like to verify there were exactly x interactions with might db mock object. Is there something similar to the 'verifyZeroInteractions()' method for doin

How to hide text labels for rangeslider in Plotly?

I'm trying to plot a time-series plot with a range slider using Plotly in Python. import as px import pandas as pd data = pd.read_csv('https://r

spring-boot-starter-data-cassandra-reactive depends on CVE-2020-13946 native-protocol-1.5.0.jar

Small question regarding a SpringBoot project please. Currently with version 2.6.x, I am developing a very small web application storing data inside Cassandra.

create celery-scheduler corn expression for every monday and wednesday repeating every 2 weeks

I want to schedule a task which repeats every 2 weeks on Monday and Friday. I want to know how can we create the expression of it through django-celery-beat cro

Python can't find Blender Module

I've built Blender as a python module on Ubuntu. Ran make install which updated the site-packages. Running python3 -m site returns the following: sys.path = [

Postman test case insetitive

I have a test case in the Postman which looks like: pm.test("Last Name contains Bob", () => { const responseJson = pm.response.json();

The display of a signal element in the Vega visualization within a Kibana dashboard is not fully displayed using autosize

I want to have a display of Vega in Kibana, with the autosize active to be able to adjust it to any size in a dashboard, but I can't get it to show me the signa

Easy way to add a date picker to a regular text field?

I'd like to add a date picker to a text field as part of an expression builder. E.g. you can enter something like: date <= │ (where │ is the cur

Windows. How set GIT_TERMINAL_PROMPT=1

Now I have GIT_TERMINAL_PROMPT=0 . And if I do git clone - will fail without prompting for username & password. I

Missing val_acc after fitting sequential model

I am missing information about the 'val_acc' attribute when I fit a compiled sequential model. I have a sequential model that is compiled with 'accuracy' metr

How do I setup tnsnames.ora in core web application?

I have a small core 2.2 app that should access an oracle db; I'm using NuGet Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Core (2.18.6), and it just works on my machine. W

Is there any way to modify the MatDialog overlay order?

I want to implement basic dialog handling in my application, with 2 functions: To close all open dialogs: Easy with MatDialog.closeAll(); Enable the user to swi

combobox tostring() returns object instead of value

I want to retrieve the string value selected in a combo box and convert into an integer, however the SelectedItem method always returns the name of the object.

Handling property change several layers down

I am new to events and handling them, and this is a simplified example of the structure I have: Public Class Main Public world As World Public totalWorl

pyqt6 animation doesnt work for decreasing width

I have struggle with animation. It works first time to increase width but with else statements it doesnt' decrease size. def slideLeftMenu(self): self.a

Bouncycastle how to envelop the signed digest it in the original document with java?

In connection with this issue: I am looking for the best method to envelope the signed hash of a document inside th

Circle/wheel ScrollView in Flutter

I'm having a hard time finding a widget I need in Flutter, which I thought wouldn't be that rare. What I'm looking fore is something very similar to this: Whic

DIsplay popup when user refresh the page in angular 8

I want to show popup when user refresh/close tab in angular 8. I used candeactivate gaurd but its working when I change the route but not when I refresh/close t

NodeJS Mysql Query with multiple fields in where clause

I'm working with MySQL for a while and also built an API in NodeJS including mySQL for work Basically i need a query like "SELECT * FROM table WHERE fieldA=varA

sass merge selectors on ampersand

assuming I have an existing SASS rule like: [dir] .foo { background-image: ...; // ... some more } And I want to add specific behaviors for ltr / rtl lik