'Is there a faster way of using NOT LIKE for a long list of search terms instead of {AND "Column" NOT LIKE '%word1%'} etc, in an SQL Query?

So I'm trying to exclude a bunch of different entries with specific words from my query and I was wondering if there was a more efficient/faster way of doing this over the method that I am currently using:

AND LOWER("Column") NOT LIKE LOWER('%word1%')
AND LOWER("Column") NOT LIKE LOWER('%word2%')
AND LOWER("Column") NOT LIKE LOWER('%word3%')
AND LOWER("Column") NOT LIKE LOWER('%word4%')
AND etc....

This works but it gets overly long and complex very quickly. I've tried a few other methods that I found from searching but none of them fit my use case.

I need the wild cards included because the rest of the entry changes between each record and the LOWER(...) is needed to make the query case in-sensitive as some entries are capitalised and some aren't.

Let me know if any more info is needed or you have suggestions about anything else I can change to make it better in general.

Here is the full SQL statement if the context helps:

SELECT "Description", "Debit Amount", "Balance", "Categories"
FROM "Transactions"
WHERE "Debit Amount" IS NOT NULL
AND LOWER("Description") NOT LIKE LOWER('%word1%')
AND LOWER("Description") NOT LIKE LOWER('%word2%')
AND LOWER("Description") NOT LIKE LOWER('%word3%')
AND LOWER("Description") NOT LIKE LOWER('%word4%')
AND etc....



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