'Generate images for html heading with Java servlet

I found Facelift which can basically generate html headings as images (with "nice font") on the fly. Does something similar exist for Java (couldn't find one myself)?

Cheers, stephanos

Solution 1:[1]

Have look at http://swit.kornr.net/ Its for Wicket, but perhaps it can be used without it.

Solution 2:[2]

I don't know of any, but you should probably consider a more accessible alternative (non-image) like CSS 3 embedded fonts, which allow any fonts (even TTF, OTF and other common font formats) to be used in the page, while behaving like proper text.

My website, http://azabani.com/ uses CSS3 embedded fonts, so check that out as an example.

Solution 3:[3]

yes, I created a image generator, which could be tweaked to generate any sort of image you want.

If you host this on Azure "function apps" , it costs only pennies per month.



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