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How do I use regex to match a substring before/after the colon?

I want to split info into Refseq ID, cDNA level change and Protein level change, where Refseq ID represents the substring from the start to the first colon :, c

How to split input text file that has string and doubles?

I am to read from an .txt input and sort into array by line (read: first name, last name, grade1, grade 2, grade3) but I am having issues. I am assuming that I

Join each term with list of keywords

Probably a simple problem and you can help me quickly. I have a vector with all the terms contained in a list of keywords. Now I want to join each term with all

How could I call hundreds in python?

When I split certain numbers into "ones" and "tens" in python, like that (98) we code >>> num = 98 ones = num % 10 tens = num // 10 print(ones) = 8

How to split a string with whitespace and underscore in Python [closed]

I hope this will find you guys well, can you please show me how to split text with whitespace and underscore? For Example, txt= "Im Alex_from_

ValueError with pandas apply function returning output of variable shape

I have a pandas dataframe with three columns structured like this: Sample Start End <string> <int> <int> The values in "Start" and "End

How to get a specific number of cells using an array formula in Google Sheets

I want to pre-process my data like the Result section of the attached image before flattening and using it. I want to write an array formula in the cells marked

Duplicate and Split Row based on value by using SQL Query?

I have set of data and wants to split multiple rows based on the column value. For Example, Source Data: Expected Output: Thanks, Lawrance A

Difference between GroupSplitShuffle and GroupKFolds

As the title says, I want to know the difference between sklearn's GroupKFold and GroupShuffleSplit. Both make train-test splits given for data that has a group

Python web scraping error: 'NoneType' object is not callable after using split function

I'm a beginner writing my first scraping script trying to extract company name, phone number, and email from the following page. So far my script successfully

Print 1st word of each sentence in text using python

How to ignore text inside (). In below example I have to ignore printing directions) & Over right). Example: Text = "A paragraph is a self-contained unit of

split the lines of a data frame into a variable number of lines based on a character in R [duplicate]

I have this df: df = data.frame(ID = c(1,2,3), A = c("h;d;c", "j;k", "k")) And i want to retrieve a new df with splited rows ba

split the lines of a data frame into a variable number of lines based on a character in R [duplicate]

I have this df: df = data.frame(ID = c(1,2,3), A = c("h;d;c", "j;k", "k")) And i want to retrieve a new df with splited rows ba

Split a string only by the first element in golang

I'm trying to parse git branch names and split them so I can seperate the remote and the branch name Previously I just split on the first slash: func ParseBra

Split Based on... different options not working for me?

Under the English_gather flow, when I click 2 or 3 on the caller pad, it keeps going to the first option. Not sure why?

Conditional splitting of a HUGE file

I have a really huge file (>500 million lines) that I want to split in several smaller files according to the first 3 characters of one of its columns. It l

Twitter Typeahead Searching Comma Separated Values

I'm using typeahead v0.11.1, it all appears to be working apart form one thing. I am searching a JSON dataset, a snippet of this can be seen below; [ {

Apache Camel Split by start and end characters SOH and ETX

I have an spring boot application which have routes.xml being loaded on startup On the routes.xml, i have a MQ queue source that contains sample message SOH{123

How do I split certain element within a list to create another list in python?

I have a list below: list = [' ab: 1', ' cd: 0', ' ef: 2 gh: 3', ' ik: 4'] From above list, I need something like below: newlist = [' ab: 1', ' cd: 0', ' ef: 2

PL SQL String Manipulation (Deconcatenate based on multiple delimiters)

I have string such as A~B~C,D~E,F~G~H,I. The string is comma separated and then each comma separated substring is ~ separated. There is no limit on the number o