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Firebase AppCheck when working with Emulator on localhost

How are developers working with Firebase App Check when developing locally using the emulator on localhost? Are you disabling App Check on localhost entirely? O

Firebase emulator - provide custom name/path to runtimeconfig.json

Is there a way to provide .runtimeconfig.json location though a command line? Can't find any info on that. Something like below? firebase emulators:start --runt

Python3 firebase storage SDK cannot upload to Emulator

I have the following code snippet: import firebase_admin from firebase_admin import credentials from firebase_admin import storage from import sto

Firebase Firestore Emulator UI is not showing any data, but data is being returned in app query

I am facing an odd issue with firebase's firestore emulator. When i start the emulator, and check the emulator's firestore UI, it shows that no data exists in t

Firebase serve error: Port 5000 is not open. Could not start functions emulator

I'm trying to serve firebase functions locally, but when I run firebase serve or firebase emulators:start the error message is: "Port 5000 is not open, could no

How to import test data into Firebase Firestore emulator from production for easy testing?

I am building a firebase function that listens to a trigger and sends a push notification to users. The trigger is based on firestore data that's too complex fo

Firebase: Error (auth/invalid-api-key) with demo project

I am trying to write some automated tests with the Firebase client sdk. These tests are supposed to use the Firebase Auth Emulator. In order to avoid screwing u

Firebase database emulator not starting (other emulators are working)

I'm trying to get the database emulator working. Running firebase emulators:start --only auth,hosting works fine an give the following output: i emulators: Sta

Cannot login with the Firebase CLI

I have a problem when I try to login to Firebase using the CLI. I installed firebase-tools using npm -g install firebase-tools with admin rights. The steps I do