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Json file was not found in Android

I am developing a game for mobile and can't create a normal save system because when playing on the phone the error is logged: Could not find the file. I use th

Java: Find .bat files in all folders of a drive (C:\ and others) [duplicate]

Is there a Java code that will look in every folder of a given drive and search for .bat files? And return them has a ArrayList of Files? I'm

C# programm can't find my workspace with MSBuildWorkspace

Hi I am trying to analyze my CsProj using Roslyn. I'm having issues finding my solution. This is my code: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using

Android - listFiles() doesn't list some files

I'd like to make an Android app to list files and their size, a bit like WinDirStat or TreeSize on Windows, or DiskUsage on Android. I tried this to get a list

How to split input text file that has string and doubles?

I am to read from an .txt input and sort into array by line (read: first name, last name, grade1, grade 2, grade3) but I am having issues. I am assuming that I

How can I save two strings in a single-line .txt file to their corresponding variables?

I have a .txt file that has a single line of: "abc xyz" abc is supposed to represent a prefix string and xyz is to represent forbidden characters. The code I ha

Mobile browsers are adding .html to filename on download

For some reason, with this code: header("Content-Type: text/x-vcard;charset=utf-8;"); header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=card.vcf"); header("Prag

Unable to read a file in local directory with Flutter

I'm creating an app that writes a file into local directory and needs to access it later. One problem: when I try to read the file, the process never ends (and

Stop statsmodels.tsa.x13.x13_arima_analysis from creating temporary files

Im using package statsmodels in python. To be precise I am using the function statsmodels.tsa.x13.x13_arima_analysis(). When I use it, it creates a lot if tempo

Return many files with json from backend to client

I want to know may i respond to client from backend controller with many files (with application/octet-stream). It will be more better, if i respond array of fi

How to deal with files with no extension in Python

I am currently writing a script for work, which goes through every file in a directory and its many sub directories and counts the amount of lines in each file.

Dot Net File Name to Replace,

How to Replace File Name from Folder structure have Multiple files want to Remove special characters in all fileName at a time. String rep = Regex.Replace(files

How to listen how many bytes written to storage while saving excel file in syncfusion_flutter_xlsio?

I am using syncfusion_flutter_xlsio library for generating excel file and saving it. When my data is so big I have to present progress. How can I perform it? Wo

How save file in emulated/0 (android 11)

I have been reading the documentation of the new way of saving files in android 11 and it is not clear to me ... How could I save a file in / storage / emulated

Rails - a way to check the last line while using smarter_csv gem

I am using smarter_csv gem to parse a large CSV file on Heroku. SmarterCSV.process(file_name, { chunk_size: 10, headers_in_file: false, user_provided_headers: u

FileOutputStream in dart flutter

what's the equivalent fileoutputstream of java in dart? Java code file = new FileOutputStream(logFile, true); byte[] input = "String".getBytes(); file.write(inp

Property 'create' does not exist on type { new (fileBits: BlobPart[], fileName: string, options?: FilePropertyBag | undefined):File; prototype: File}

I'm trying to create a file-sharing app using Multer, Cloudinary, Typescript, and Mongoose. When I'm trying to save the files uploaded by users and the data lik

Can I load .npy/.npz files from inside a python package?

I am trying to create my own python package where hopefully one day other people will be able to contribute with their own content. For the package to work it m

How to copy a file to a sharepoint site

I have to copy a file on a sharepoint site. I have seen that the only authentication working is with the AuthenticationManager. So this works: var authManager =

How can I open ".scpt" files on Windows?

I would like to open a ".scpt" file, what editors can I use? P.S. I am using Windows, so the App should support Windows.