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403 Error when setting application command permissions on Discord

My bot got a 403 error, even though it never happened before, and the code hasn't changed at all. throw new DiscordAPIError(data, res.status, request);

TypeScript(err:2532): object is possibly undefined dispite null/undefined check

I've been writing a Discord-bot in TypeScript and I added a command that retrieves information from an airport. The only thing you have to provide is the ICAO c

Discord bot adding reactions to a message (no custom emojis)

I've been trying to make a bot using add a reaction to a message using after reading this (which is not what I wanted because I am not usi"TOKEN") blocking issue (python &

I know that"TOKEN") blocks off any code following it...I'm trying to have my program print a message (in my case when a Nike product restocks), and

A discord bot activating another bot via /commands or detect user who used a bot command

Ok, so Im trying to do the following rn: Im using the Disboard bot and beforehand rewarded users for bumping. That wasnt a problem, because the command was "!d

Command for posting user's avatar

@bot.command(aliases=['av']) async def avatar(ctx, *, avamember : discord.Member = None): userAvatarUrl = avamember.avatar_url await ctx.send(userAvata

Discord Music Bot

I am creating a discord bot that plays music. It successfully joins a channel but then returns an error when searching for music. This is my code: @client.comma

discord.js reaction method outputs wrong emoji

I need help with my current method which doesn't get the right reaction emoji. But I want it to get the right Emoji. Can someone help me? bot.on('messageReactio

findOneAndUpdate is not a function of mongoose

I know this question has been answered before but I can't seem to implement the changes into what im working with. I'm trying to create a daily command that rew

_Context.send() got an unexpected keyword argument 'files'

Im using and I cant figure out how to respond with an image await ctx.send(files="86.png")

Discord.js Adding Emojis to a send message and grab the message id

Hey Stack Overflow Community, I have another question in regard to discord.js.I want to send a message and add an emoji to it, from which I later want to get th

Discord onGuildMemberJoinEvent is not working

I have this problem with Discord JDA, and I'm completely frustrated about it. I hope you can help me. The problem is my console won't print a message when a use

Downloading attachments with Discord API in python

I am creating a bot to scrape images from a discord channel. The images can come in two ways: 1) A link such as:

Dependency injection error pops up whenever I try to install a certain Discord Package

I'm really new to programming, but I felt like trying out some bot-development for my discord server, like one that will occasionally say hello to people when t

Add role to user from DMs?

So I'm making a verification bot for one of my Discord Servers, and I've come across a problem. Purpose: When the user first joins, they will be only allowed t

"on_raw_reaction_add" working but "on_raw_reaction_remove" not returning guild?

I coded on_eaw_reaction_add and it works just fine @commands.Cog.listener() async def on_raw_reaction_add(self, payload): msgID = 754487460142

Discord oauth2 /users/@me/guilds error 401

It is supposed to get all the guilds a user is joined in. It gets the bearer auth right, but it always errors with code 401. When using a external API (https://

Discord Bot can only see itself and no other users in guild

I have recently been following this tutorial to get myself started with Discord's API. Unfortunately, when I got the part about printing all the users in the gu

Puppeteer - Opening Discord Profile Popup

I am building a web application for a project and I would like to send a message in a discord server via Puppeteer without using the Discord.js library. I have

Python discord bot - coroutine was never awaited

I'm working on a Discord bot and it works to some degree but it keeps crashing every couple minutes. It gives me an error like Task was detroyed but it's pendi