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Convert date to ISO week date in Spark

Having dates in one column, how to create a column containing ISO week date? ISO week date is composed of year, week number and weekday. year is not the same as

Auto increment id in delta table while inserting

I have a problem regarding merging csv files using pysparkSQL with delta table. I managed to create upsert function that update if matched and insert if not mat

Convert UTC timestamp to local time based on time zone in PySpark

I have a PySpark DataFrame, df, with some columns as shown below. The hour column is in UTC time and I want to create a new column that has the local time based

Scala error - Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:$Windows.access0(Ljava/lang/String;I)Z

I have a requirement where i am reading data from a CSV file and writing data to a Delta table over scala on window OS. My scala code is given below:- import co

TypeError: 'str' object is not callable -Pyspark

df1=df.withColumn('etl_load_dt_part_new', concat_ws("-",year(df.ETL_LOAD_DT_PART),lit('12'),lit('31')).cast('date') ) i am trying to add new column named as e

Start of the week on Monday in Spark

This is my dataset: from pyspark.sql import SparkSession, functions as F spark = SparkSession.builder.getOrCreate() df = spark.createDataFrame([('2021-02-07',)

Reading image dataset into data frame and feature extraction [spark with python]

In my project , i need to read image dataset[each folder having different object and I want to read these folder in stream one by one ], and then need to extrac

SPARK SQL create table does not show / read all columns as expected

I am trying to create table in spark sql by providing the schema and giving the location. However when i run select on the table, i see only half the columns. (

How to return null in SUM if some values are null?

I have a case where I may have null values in the column that needs to be summed up in a group. If I encounter a null in a group, I want the sum of that group t

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalAccessError: class$

Hi I try to run spark on my local laptop. I created a mvn project in intelijidea and in my main class I have one line like bellow and when I try to run a projec

bucketing with QuantileDiscretizer using groupBy function in pyspark

I have a large dataset like so: | SEQ_ID|RESULT| +-------+------+ |3462099|239.52| |3462099|239.66| |3462099|239.63| |3462099|239.64| |3462099|239.57| |3462099|

Pyspark: How do I covert dataframe column values into a comma separated string?

I am running this on Databricks. My goal is to make a select statement with all the values in the column comma separated. Content of my df: For example, I want

pyspark recover for an even number the two values ​of a median

Is there a way i pyspark to recover for an even number the two values ​​of a median ? For exemple: I have this dataframe df1 = spark.createDataFrame

what is est in filter sparkUI sql tab

I am trying to debug my spark UI, and in the SQL tab of spark UI getting this red mark on filter description, trying to figure out what does it mean. Spark UI s

SQL order of execution

I wonder how this query is executing successfully. As we know 'having' clause execute before the select one then here how alias name used in 'select' statement

scala spark partitionby and get current partition name

I'm using scala spark and have a DataFrame: Source | Column1 | Column2 A ... ... B ... ... B ... ... C ...

Spark 3.0 timeStamp parsing doesn't work ever after passing the format

This is a issue I am facing with Spark 3.0, worked before without even specifying a format. Now, I tried explicitly specifying the format, but it still doesn't

Spark RDD: Find the single row that has the highest count and for that row report the month, count and hashtag name. Output Using PrintLn

[Spark RDD] Find the single row that has the highest count and for that row report the month, count and hashtag name. Print the result to the terminal output us

Unable write data using spark submit

when I'm doing spark-submit using this command on Cloudera **time spark-submit \ --deploy-mode client \ --conf'XXXxxxxxx' --conf spark.master=l

PySpark - Convert a heterogeneous array JSON array to Spark dataframe and flatten it

I have streaming data coming in as JSON array and I want flatten it out as a single row in a Spark dataframe using Python. Here is how the JSON data looks like