'Asserting Rest Assured response with Json Unit

I'm currently using rest assured and Json-unit to assert a local json file against the requested rest assured response.

I currently have a before class method with my base uri.

I don't know how to make this assertion. I'm struggling with the json-unit documentation. Do I need to input a file first?

    public void ApiaryTest1() throws Exception {



        // compares two JSON documents
        assertJsonEquals("expected/test.json", "http://apiary/test");

Solution 1:[1]

You need to:

  • Read in the resource with the JsonUnit API
  • Extract the response from rest assured to a variable
  • Assert you are already doing


Response response = when().get("<url>");

        // compares two JSON documents
        assertJsonEquals(resource("resource-inside-resources-folder.json"), response.asString());

Solution 2:[2]

For Restassured Kotlin DSL:

        When {
        } Then {
        } Extract {
            assertJsonEquals(expectedBody, response().asString())

Solution 3:[3]

It is easier than you think. Rest Assures is passing the entire body as string in case of a "body matcher" is specified. Therefore you can just use the jsonEquals matcher of json unit directly:

import static net.javacrumbs.jsonunit.JsonMatchers.jsonEquals;

public class RestAssuredWithJsonUnit {

    public void test() throws Exception {


    public static String resource(String resourceName) throws IOException {
        Objects.requireNonNull(resourceName, "'null' passed instead of resource name");
        return IOUtils.resourceToString(resourceName, UTF_8);

Please note the implementation of the "resource" method. The one provided in ResourceUtils is using the system classloader, which did not found my resoulces unfortunately. IOUtils from commons-io does the job well!


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