'I get "DioError 404" error when running Flutter project on iOS, but I don't get any error on android

I get "DioError 404" error while running Flutter project on iOS but I don't get any error on android. The project is running, but when I click on the widget connected to the Api, the application closes without any errors. On Android the whole project runs smoothly. I'm using the easy_localization: ^3.0.0 and dio: ^4.0.6 packages. Do I need to add something extra for iOS?

Error: enter image description here

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If I click on the item it closes the application. I only have this problem on IOS. hellppppp

Flutter SDK version : 2.10.5       

      sdk: ">=2.12.0 <3.0.0"
      mobx: ^2.0.1
      flutter_mobx: ^2.0.0
      mobx_codegen: ^2.0.1+3
      build_runner: ^2.0.6
      easy_localization: ^3.0.0
      shared_preferences: ^2.0.0
      dio: ^4.0.6
      connectivity: ^3.0.6
      json_serializable: ^4.0.1
      json_annotation: ^4.0.1
      get_it: ^7.1.4
      shimmer: ^2.0.0
      auto_size_text: ^3.0.0-nullsafety.0
      jwt_decoder: ^2.0.1
      either_option: ^2.0.1-dev.1
      smooth_page_indicator: ^1.0.0+2
      persistent_bottom_nav_bar: ^4.0.2
      google_maps_flutter: 2.0.0
      flutter_staggered_grid_view: ^0.4.0
      favorite_button: ^0.0.4
      provider: ^6.0.1
      colorful_safe_area: ^0.3.0
      animated_rotation: ^2.0.0
      photo_view: ^0.13.0
      another_flushbar: ^1.10.24
      flutter_svg: ^0.22.0
      flutter_launcher_icons: ^0.9.2
      cached_network_image: ^3.1.0
      bordered_text: ^2.0.0
      sqflite: ^2.0.0+4
      automatic_animated_list: ^1.0.0
      share: ^2.0.4
      expandable: ^5.0.1
      url_launcher: ^6.0.17
      flutter_tts: ^3.3.3

Solution 1:[1]


Since I am using a device with Apple M1 processor, "google_maps_flutter: 2.0.0" M1 support is not available. I got rid of this issue by upgrading to "google_maps_flutter: ^2.1.5".

google_maps_flutter: 2.0.0 => google_maps_flutter: ^2.1.5

I don't understand what it has to do with Dio404 :/


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