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DarkMode images in xamarin iOS in visual studio

In android you can create a drawable-night folder and put your dark mode images there. What is the process in iOS? Do I create a folder? I have visual studio 20

Does mvvmcross have a built-in message for viewmodel to tell view when ViewAppearing/Disappearing happen?

I have logic to be executed in a Xamarin.Forms ContentView (not a Page), when it appears and disappears. This is an mvvmcross content view: public partial class

When I try to save a QR code from the Zxing library I get an error with the BarcodeWriter class

Currently I want to store my generated qr code as an image in the phone gallery that executes it and then almost at the same time upload it as a backup to Amazo

Labels not appearing in Grid despite being children of it

I'm relatively new to Xamarin and I've been trying to programmatically add labels to a grid but each time they don't appear on the screen. Here's the code : for

Any idea how to add CarouselView indicators inside the CarouselView it self?

I am using a CarouselView to display a few views each one of them is basically 2 StackLayouts like so what I have done so far is create a CarouselView with

Error XAAAS7001: System.NullReferenceException

I just installed Visual Studio 2019, and I created a Xamarin.Forms project. When I tried to execute it in the android emulator, I get this error : Gravit&eacut

Changing an existing XF Android application to use Google App Signing. Which option should I select on the Play Store?

I have an existing Xamarin Forms application developed. I would like to start using .aab and that requires me to enable Google App Signing. As there's a pote

Xamarin.Forms SwipeView CommandParameter is null unless you reload UI HotReload

Ok, so I have a CollectionView bound to a collection of 'Show' objects. There's a fair bit going on with this CollectionView. I have a command for when a user s

How can I set the Source property of a FFImageLoading.SvgCachedImage from a Dynamic Resource in a Xamarin C# view?

Here is is the XAMLcode I am currently using: <ffimageloadingsvg:SvgCachedImage Source="{DynamicResource GearIcon}" /> GearIcon is set to "Test.Resource

Xamarin TabbedPage Specified Cast is not valid

I have a TabBar in my AppShell which has five tabs. Three of these tabs are ContentPages whereas the other two are TabbedPages. All three tabs with ContentPages Error Code 1000

I receive the following error in DidCompleteWitherror: Error Code 1000 I'm using the following code to sign in

Xamarin app crashes with The type initializer for 'System.Text.Json.JsonSerializer' threw an exception after SignalR install

After adding SignalR client to my Xamarin Forms app, it started crashing shortly after launching. The error I get is: System.InvalidOperationException Message=E

How to scroll to an item using MVVM Prism and ReactiveCommand in ViewModel?

Xamarin Forms 4.0 recently released a CollectionView that lets us scroll to a specific item in a collectionView. I have a collection view with 10 items in it t

How do I reset the binding from my source (ViewModel) to the target (.xaml)

I have a ProfilePage.xaml containing some ImageButtons like these (six of them): <ImageButton x:Name="resultImage" Source="{Binding Profile.Images[0].Sou

How to position 3 buttons in StackLayout equal width

Anyone know how to position 3 buttons in StackLayout with equal width? I have it working with Grid with <Grid x:Name="MyGrid" Grid.Row="0" BindingContext="{

Determine on iPhone if user has enabled AutoFill Passwords

Hyperlink is shown at last for attached image, want to show highlighted option value from device setting section to my app . How to get current value of AutoFi

ObservableCollection count resets to 0 from second function call in Xamarin forms app

There is a Dependency class in android that has these two functions 1. public void OnEvent(Java.Lang.Object obj, FirebaseFirestoreException error) { try

How to group data list from Preferences in Xamarin

I have lists of Order information stored in Preferences as follows: public class CartUser { public int IDProduct { get; set; } public string Name

Xamarin.Forms MSAL authentication java.exe exited with code 1

<activity android:name="microsoft.identity.client.BrowserTabActivity"> <intent-filter> <action android:name="android.

How to get/generate pin sha256 from certificate

Simple question I am trying to do certificate pinning in android using the network-security-config but I am not sure how to get the the SHA-256 to put in the pi