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Has anyone been able to successfully integrate Realm with SwiftUI, especially deleting records/rows from a SwiftUI List? I have tried a few different methods bu

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I'm making a mobile application with react native. I want to use Realm (mongodb). So after running: npm install realm realm was correctly added in the "node_mo

realm react-native: how to query correctly an array of strings

can someone show me how to query an array of strings with realm in react-native? assume i have an array like the following: const preferences = ["automatic","

realm.js - Accessing object of type Contact which has been invalidated or deleted with NO stack trace

Would (really) appreciate help on this one. I have a realm listView which navigates away to a detailed view. The detailed view is deleting the entry from the or

npm ERR! Unable to authenticate, need: Basic realm=""

I ran npm i @wtw/canvas and got this error: npm ERR! code E401 npm ERR! Unable to authenticate, need: Basic realm="

Realm won't update on runtime when realm file changed

I have an android phone app sending the whole realm file through data item api to the wear app. There is a service on wear app to replace the local realm file w