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Flush local disk of Google Colab to Google Drive

I am downloading a 350 GB dataset to Google Drive by setting my current working directory to a folder on Google Drive in Google Colab, and using the curl comman

Error while using mex file in Colab with Octave

I am trying to use MATLAB in Colab. MATLAB is run in Colab through Octave. I have to use the MR8fast() filter, which in turn uses anigauss.c. I could successful

Google colab access Machine's local drives directly using Os.listdir

I am new to google colab and i am figuring out if google colab is able to access files on my computer's cdrive directly. import os path = 'C:\\Users\\guest\\D

How can I fix this "dpkg" error while installing CUDA on google colab

I want to run CUDA code on google colab. For that I am following the below steps but I am not able to install CUDA packages. Step 1: Removing previous CUDA vers

Colab: Importing old modules from tf.keras 2.4 fails; importing from Keras 2.4 works, but leads to mixing tf and tf.keras

I'm trying to modify a jupyter notebook to run on colab. It's from a somewhat older repo with known compatibility issues for tensorflow/keras versions after ~2.

Trying to change Google Colab font family to Arial

I am trying to use the Arimo-font in Google Colab. I´ve been using some code that I got from a SO post: from matplotlib import font_manager as fm, pyplot

Can't convert cuda:0 device type tensor to numpy. Use Tensor.cpu()

My code in colab worked in January and now it doesn't. It's a Style Transfer program using pytorch ( Th

matplotlib plotting is not working in google colab

I wanted to use matplotlib in colab but it didn't work. As this link says I tried both %matplotlib inline and %matplotlib notebook but they both didn't work. Bu

Unrecognized runtime "julia"; defaulting to "python3"

I am trying to run the Julia template in Google Colab, but the first code block throws the following warning: Unrecognized runtime "julia"; defaulting to "pytho

Increasing Colab Pro runtime limit

I'm using Colab Pro and I have no issue with the RAM when I'm using either GPU or TPU. The only problem is that my running usually takes more than 12 hours and

How to upload a zip file from a google drive in colab using zip file link

I have a zip file( in my google drive. This zipped file is being used in a shared colab file. I want to write a program such that this zipped file is

TypeError: Invalid text_input type <class 'pandas.core.frame.DataFrame'> (required str or OrderedDict)

from textattack.augmentation import EasyDataAugmenter eda=EasyDataAugmenter() eda.augment(train) Error on this code The "train" data type is dataframe. and the

Google Colab code change always produces "TabError: Inconsistent use of tab and spaces in indentation"

When I make even a simple change in a file checked out in /root/model/ in Google Colab environment Intro, I get "TabError: Inconsistent use of tab and spaces i

CUDA error: device-side assert triggered on Colab

I am trying to initialize a tensor on Google Colab with GPU enabled. device = torch.device('cuda' if torch.cuda.is_available() else 'cpu') t = torch.tensor([1,

How to do block-comments in Google Colab on a Mac with a non-American keyboard?

I want to do block-comments in Colab using a Mac laptop (Big Sur), so I had a look here: Is it possible to do block-comments in Google Colab? Ctrl+/ does not wo

Google Colab GPU RAM depletes quickly on test data but not so on training data

I am training my neural network built with PyTorch under Google Colab Pro+ (Tesla P100-PCIE GPU) but encounters the following strange phenomenon: The amount of

How to save the model weights after running train_detector in mmdetection? = 0.02 / 8 cfg.lr_config.warmup = None cfg.log_config.interval = 600 # Change the evaluation metric since we use customized dataset. cfg.evalua

Cannot compile nms_cuda in mmdetection using colaboratory

/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/torch/include/ATen/core/TensorBody.h:262:30: note: declared here DeprecatedTypeProperties & type() const {

How can I use Python 2 on Google Colab?

How can I use the earlier version of Python i.e version 2.x? Under the 'change runtime' option - I can see the option for selecting hardware accelerator.

I'm Getting Ngrok Error 6022 after doing everything properly

You can refer to my images for details. This is the code I'm running on colab: from google.colab import drive drive.mount('/content/drive') cd /content/drive/M