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Getting Error 403 in Google Colab with Tensorboard with Firefox

I have a tfevent file already present on my Drive and I have successfully connected it to Google Colab. After searching within the issues of Tensorboard Github,

Git folder to google colab

I want to download a folder from github (not the entire repo!) into google colab. How can I do this using a google colab cell execution? For files I achieve thi

Trigger Python script located in Google Drive using Google Sheets

I have created a Python script (using Google Colab) and stored it on my Google Drive. When the Python script runs it automatically reads a Google Sheet in the s

Using pyspark in Google Colab

This is my first question here after using a lot of StackOverflow so correct me if I give inaccurate or incomplete info Up until this week I had a colab notebo

Error while installing Spark on Google Colab

I am getting error while installing spark on Google Colab. It says tar: spark-2.2.1-bin-hadoop2.7.tgz: Cannot open: No such file or directory tar: Error

Split files for train and test in Google Colab

I have successfully trained and tested my model on local jupyter notebook, but I want to try the same code in Google Colab as I want to try other expensive mode

How to mount onedrive to google colaboratory?

I use google colab with google drive in deep-learning training, but although I've 100gb premium account, sometimes it accouring error that find: ‘/content

AttributeError: 'ArabertPreprocessor' object has no attribute 'farasa_segmenter'

I had this error while using AraBERT, from arabert.preprocess import ArabertPreprocessor model_name = "bert-base-arabertv2" arabert_prep = ArabertPreprocessor(

Is there a way to grant access to gcloud using only information in the JSON key file but not the JSON file itself (on Colab)?

To grant access to Google cloud services without google account, a json key file is needed in the following way: !gcloud auth activate-service-account --key-fil

How to access Cloud SQL from Google Colab

I have a Google Cloud SQL instance with a public IP, only accessible to whitelisted IP and through an SSL connection. I'd like to know how I can connect to thi

mp.set_start_method('spawn') triggered an error saying the context is already been set

Here is my full code I have succeeded to reproduce the behavior of my main code with a little snippet. In a Google Colab Env, suppose I setup hardware accele

Google Colab not updating package?

I am trying to use seaborn==0.8.1 in an ipynb on Google colab. Here is my code: """General import statements and settings config.""" !pip install seaborn==0.8.

How can we use Selenium Webdriver in

I want to use Selenium Webdriver of Chrome in for fast processing. I was able to install Selenium using !pip install selenium but the

Python Tutor + Google Colab

Preambula. I'm trying to use Google Colab to teach students Python. The problem is, there is no nice tool to visualize code execution. I tried to use Python Tut

TensorFlow TypeError: 'BatchDataset' object is not iterable / TypeError: 'CacheDataset' object is not subscriptable

I'm following the TensorFlow starter guide. It specifically said to enable eager execution on the sample project for iris (flower) classification. Import th

Installing a R package in google colab

I am doing scientific research, and I am having some trouble using an R package to treat my data. I program in python using Google Colab, and I don't know much

Google Colab running any cell received javascript related errors

Received a browser white popup saying when executing any cells: Error Could not load the JavaScript files needed to display output. This is probably because yo

Input/output error while using google colab to read Google dirve files

I am training my model with colab. I have encountered this error more than once, when I use the enumeration function in colab to iterate my training data on Goo

Mount multiple drives in google colab

I use this function to mount my google drive from google.colab import drive drive.mount('/content/drive', force_remount=True) and then copy files from it lik

Test if notebook is running on Google Colab

How can I test if my notebook is running on Google Colab? I need this test as obtaining / unzipping my training data is different if running on my laptop or on