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Flutter: Firebase has not been correctly initialized

I'm working on iPhone 12 Pro Max Emulator, macOS Catalina. I'm getting this error when I try to run the app: [] Unhandled Excepti

Obtaining data from Firebase and creating an object in Flutter, Dart

I would like to create an Object using data from my Firebase database. I get the data correctly, but I can't create that Objet in the way im trying. I have no i

: assert(map['apiKey'] != null, "'apiKey' cannot be null."),

i'm trying to develop an app on Android studio, with firebase tools. Despite i have a file in the lib firebase_options (created with flutterfire configure), it

Firebase javascript auth user displaying null even though user is signed in

I followed the Firebase docs for web development and I used the user.updateProfile method to add a display name to the user's profile. After signing in, I used

Firebase denies access when using env file

I am trying to create a react-app that works with firebase. So, normally the credentials look like this: const firebaseConfig = { apiKey: ..., authDomai

Problem loading the website using Firebase when using Burp Proxy

Let's say I use the website: Website works fine when I am using it normally. When I start using BURP SUITE PROXY to intercept requests, I start to

Firebase `onAuthStateChanged` always return null user

This is my index.html: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en-US"> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"> < (

I'm getting this error in Crashlytics (Firebase). The app is built in Flutter and I'm not sure about this error that I don't get locally: Fatal Exception: java.

Query only specific field with firestore

I use this code to get a collection snapshot from Firestore. firestore().collection('project').where('userID', '==', authStore.uid).onSnapshot(onResult, onError

Cannot find module 'axios'

I am coding a small program for Firebase Functions, using node.js. I always install my node modules using npm and i also installed axios using npm only. Howe

Missing firebase_options.dart file in course "Get to know Firebase for Flutter"

I am using the flutter course "Get to know Firebase for Flutter" from I am in step_02 and I

Firebase ID token has invalid signature even on jwt

Firebase ID token has invalid signature Hi all, I'm somehow new to NodeJS and I've only used Google Firebase a few times. Now, I'm trying to verify an idToken g

How do I read a User's Firestore Map to a Swift Dictionary?

I have my user struct with has a dictionary of all their social medias. struct User: Identifiable { var id: String { uid } let uid, email, name, bio, profileI

alternative to sending email using gmail with firebase function

I recently got that email from Google which says that as the beginning of 30.05.2022, we will not be able to use "less secure apps" options anymore. I'm using

Firebase : Uncaught Error: Component analytics has not been registered yet

I'm working on getting firebase working for a webapp project for class. It has not been easy. I keep getting errors, and every change I make creates a different

Error with firebase while building on Xcode for iOS

im having some troubles building an app in xcode but the build in Unity to android works just fine. I have searched all over and none of the other solutions hel

Trying to use GoogleSignIn in React Native then Possible Unhandled Promise Rejection (id: Error: DEVELOPER_ERROR

I've enabled the Google SignIn on Firebase using this link My App compiles fine but when I press the Login button and sel

Return fingerprint and save in firebase

I am trying to write an app using flutter or android studio. The user will login to the app using his fingerprint. I want to read the fingerprint and save it in

Android in Xamarin.Forms can't compile after changing target framework

I have a Xamarin.Forms application. I changed the Target Framework version of the Android project from 10.0 (Q) to 12.0 (S). After that, I get error "java.exe"

Initializing FIrebase on Flutter throws error

So I have been trying to initialize my firebase with my flutter app but it keeps throwing an error every time, the code has no problem since flutter builds the